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Multimedia collection




The library has  a good collection of
multimedia CD/DVDs

  • Encyclopaedia

    Encarta Standard Edition, 2007

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2007


    Discovery channel school: Solar system

    Discovery channel: Earth quakes

    Discovery channel: Space exploration

    Discovery channel: Nano technology

    Discovery channel: AIDS ending the epidemic

    Internet fundamentals


    Kerala: The green symphony.Ver.2


    Symphony celestial: Concise edition vol.1

    Symphony celestial: Concise edition vol.2

    Competitive Exams

    Manorama entrance winner: Medical, No.1 Physics

    Manorama entrance winner: Medical, No.2 Chemistry

    Manorama entrance winner: Medical, No.3 Biology

    Manorama entrance winner: Engineering, No.1 Physics

    Manorama entrance winner: Engineering, No.2 Chemistry

    Manorama entrance winner: Engineering, No.3 Mathematics


    English literature and MCB for classes IX and X


    To their credit

    Taj Mahal: Beyond the love story

    ABC of water pumping efficiency

    Treads of life

    Uttam urja

    Global warming

    Shifting powers

    Rural resources

    Give us a life please

    Daughters of the soil

    Where is my dinner?

    An area of darkness


    Learning to dream again

    Earth we see and earth we want

    New prescription

    Water ignites life and hope

    Children’s VCDs

    Tales of Mulla

    Rhymes on fruits and vegetables

    Shakespeare stories-5: Animated stories

    Little angels rhymes

    Life and moral stories of Mahatma Gandhi

    Classic adventures

    Budha: A life story

    Birbal the wise, Vol 2

    Good manners

    Moral stories

    Tenali Raman, Vol.1

    Play school, 3

    My first words

    Stories of Vikram Betal

    Grandma tales

    Folktales of India

    Vikram and Betal

    Alibaba and 40 thieves

    Indian festivals and culture

    Learn with fun: Maths, 4-8 yrs

    English grammar: level 2

    Science experiments

    English grammar: Level 1

    Spoken English. Vol. 2

    Power vocabulary

    Smart science: Age 6-8 years

    Educational activities: Age 4-5 years

    Phonics activities for ages 6-7

    Learn science: Age 4-10 yrs

    Buzzers rapid maths

    Buzzers general knowledge quiz


    *Total Number of Multimedia : 72 (as on 10/09/2008)


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