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Da Vinci Code: Book review by Karthika P.



           “Blinded ignorance does mislead us

            O!Wretched mortals open your eyes”

These words were said by the famous painter LEONARDO DA VINCI,

the creator of the world famous paintings like The Mona Lisa , the Last Supper,

the Vtruvian man etc. He was an expert in many fields. It is said that  Da Vinci has left

many codes in his paintings.

       In the year 2003, a novel by DAN BROWN established that Da Vinci has certainly left

many secrets. The book was none other than THE DA VINCI CODE. It is a fiction featuring

Robert Langdon, a symbologist and Sophie Neveu, a cryptologist who deals with numerical code breaking. The story starts with a murder. The curator of The Louvre Jacques Saunere’s murder and the message left by him Langdon and Neveu towards a new world of thousands of years old secrets.

      Although the number of characters are limited,each one plays a definite role. The language and style of writing is incredible. The main theme of the book is the journey towards the Priory keystone which leads one to the Holy grail and many other well hidden secrets. According to the myth, only the members of the Priory of Sion, a secret society knows the exact location of the Holy grail.

  Da vinci being one of the grandmasters of the secret society wanted the world to know the truth and hence left many clues in his paintings. One such striking trait is visible in The last supper. Da vinci has assigned certain feminine characters to disciple John seated next to Jesus Christ. Holy grail happen to be the cup in which Jesus had wine during The last supper. Mary Magdalene is also referred to as The Holy Grail. It is said that Da Vinci has painted John as Mary Magdalene to show Jesus’s intimacy towards her.

           Mary Magdalene, a prostitute who joined Christ and later became of  his favorite disciple. In the book the author establishes that Jesus had relationship with Mary Magdalene

and that their bloodline exists to this century.

       A huge uproar was roused by this very book. The church and many disciples of the church launched protests against the book and movie alike. In many places the authorities were forced to ban the book. The reason put forth was that The Da Vinci Code hurts their religious sentiments. To be more precise, in the book it is said that

    • The Christians overpowered the Pagan religion to establish Christianity all over the world.
    • Jesus Christ was selected as ‘ Son Of God’ by mutual voting
    • Jesus’ relationship with Magdalene proves to be a major point of controversy.
    • In the book a monk named Silas murders the members of The Priory of Sion with the help given by a bishop.

      Despite many controversies the book happen to be a best seller throughout the world. Anyone who thinks a fiction can never affect your religious beliefs may go ahead and read the book without hesitation.


      Reviewed by

      By KARTHIKA.P.



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New Arrivals as on 28/03/2009

New Arrivals (28th March 2009)




080 RAB-Q

Rabindranath Tagore

Quotes from Tagore

158.1 PEA-T

Peale, Norman Vincent

Three sixty five ways to change the world

158.1 SCH-B

Schuller, Robert H.

Be an extraordinary person in an ordinary world

158.1 SCH-T

Schuller, Robert H.

Tough times never last, but tough people do

158.1 WEI-P

Weinberg, George

Practical ways to a powerful personality

181.4 KRI-T

Krishnamurti, J

Total freedom: The seential Krishnamurti

320.09 NAI-K

Nair, P M

Kalam effect

333.91 BRI-O

Briscoe, John and Malik, R P S., Ed.

Oxford handbook of water resources in India

363.7 CBS-E


Environmental education: Teachers’ manual. Class 9

363.7 CBS-E


Environmental education: Class I-VIII

363.7 SUN-E

Sunita Jaisingh

Environmental education for us 4

363.7 SUN-E

Sunita Jaisingh

Environmental education for us 5

363.7 SUN-E

Sunita Jaisingh

Environmental education for us 2

363.7 SUN-E

Sunita Jaisingh

Environmental education for us 3

375 CBS-S


Senior school curriculum, 2010, Vol.II: Languages

375 CBS-S


Senior school curriculum, 2010, Vol.II: Languages

375 CBS-S


Secondary school curriculum, 2010, Vol.I: Main subjects

375 CBS-S


Secondary school curriculum, 2010, Vol.II: Languages

421.5 NEE-P

Neelima M.

Practical English pronunciation

425 AMI-G

Amin, A ,et al

Grammar builder

502.8 CBS-A


Assessment of practical skills in science and technology , Class X

502.8 CBS-A


Assessment of practical skills in science and technology , Class IX

502.8 CBS-L


Learning by doing, Compendium of science activities, Class VI

502.8 CBS-S


Science is doing: Activity book for class VII

510.028 CBS-G


Guidelines for mathematics laboratory in schools: Class X

510.028 CBS-G


Guidelines for mathematics laboratory in schools Class IX

511.3 CLE-U

Clemson, Wndy and Clemson, David

Using maths: Dinosaur dig

511.3 CLE-U

Clemson, Wndy and Clemson, David

Using maths: Be a zoo keeper

511.3 SHA-B

Shakuntala Devi

Book of numbers

687 TIC-E

Ticktock Media, Kent

Everyday clothes

793.73 RUS-C

Russel, Ken and Carter, Philip

Check you I Q

808.068 AKH-F

Akhila Girirajkumar

Feet problems

808.068 ALI

Alibaba and other stories

808.068 AND-F

Anderson, Hans Christian

Fir tree

808.068 ANJ-M

Anjali Banerji

Math skills

808.068 BIR


Battle , victory, coronation and other stories from ramayana

808.068 BIR


Birth of rama and other stories from ramayana

808.068 FAI

Fairy tales wonderland: Little red riding hood

808.068 FAL-P

Falk, Lee

Phantom: Aron , Hoogan’s revenge

808.068 FAL-P

Falk, Lee

Phantom: The ghost who died twice, The chief of the stock people

808.068 GEO-C

George, Arun M

Clever Fox

808.068 GEO-C

George, Arun M

Crow and the cobra

808.068 GEO-F

George, Arun M

Four friends & the cunning cat

808.068 GEO-M

George, Arun M


808.068 LIT-E

Litta Jacob

Thumbelina and the field mouse

808.068 LIT-E

Litta Jacob

Emperor’s new Clothes

808.068 LIT-J

Litta Jacob

Jumbo safari

808.068 LIT-L

Litta Jacob

Little Tikri

808.068 LIT-T

Litta Jacob

Thumbelina finds her true love

808.068 LIT-T

Litta Jacob

Thumbelina and her adventures

808.068 LUI-C

Luiza Chandy


808.068 LUI-L

Luiza Chandy

Little Red Riding Hood

808.068 LUI-L

Luiza Chandy

Little Mermaid

808.068 LUI-P

Luiza Chandy

Princess and the Pea

808.068 LUI-R

Luiza Chandy


808.068 LUI-R

Tanya Munshi


808.068 LUI-S

Luiza Chandy

Snow white

808.068 MAM-C

Mamata Pandya

Catch me if you can

808.068 MIN-C

Mini John

Chimpu learns a lesson

808.068 MIN-J

Mini John

Jungle tales: Physicians in the jungle

808.068 MIN-N

Mini John


808.068 MIN-N

Mini John

Naughty cub & the old banyan tree

808.068 MIN-P

Mini John

Party in the jungle

808.068 MIN-S

Mini John

Snow queen

808.068 OLI

Oliver twist

808.068 SEE-E

Seetha D

Elves and the shoemaker

808.068 SHE-C

Sheila Dhir

Chandu Pottu

808.068 SHR-B

Shree Books

Bhima slays Vakasura

808.068 SHR-C

Shree Books

Churning of the Oceans

808.068 SHR-S

Shree Books

Shiva and Bhasmasura

808.068 SHW-M

Shwetha E George

Mulla Nasruddin: Hiding the money

808.068 SHW-M

Shwetha E George

Mulla Nasruddin: Candle does not give any heat

808.068 SIN

Sindbad: tales from Arabian nights

808.068 TAN-J

Tanya Munshi

Jabu and the lion

808.068 TAR-S

Tarun Cherian

Sun’s handkerchief

808.068 TIN-S

Tiny Tot

Little mermaid

808.068 TIN-S

Tiny Tot

Musicians of Bremem

808.068 TIN-S

Tiny Tot


808.068 TIN-S

Tiny Tot

Hansel and Gretel

808.068 TIN-S

Tiny Tot


808.068 TIN-S

Tiny Tot

Pied piper

808.068 TIN-S

Tiny Tot

Alice in wonderland

808.068 TIN-S

Tiny Tot

Story of Rapunzel

808.068 TIN-S

Tiny Tot

Flying trunk

808.068 WIL-U

Wilco Books

Beauty and the Beast

820.8 BON-B

Bond, Ruskin

Book of nature

822.08 SHA-B

Shaw, Bernard

Best of Bernard Shaw Vol.1

822.08 SHA-B

Shaw, Bernard

Best of Bernard Shaw Vol.2

823 ADV-A

Advaita kala

Almost single

823 AME-S

Ameen Merchant

Silent raga

823 ANY-A

Any Kumar

Atisa and the seven wonders

823 ARC-F

Archer, Jeffrey

First among equals

823 CAB-P

Cabot, Meg

Princess diaries: To the nines

823 CAB-P.G

Cabot, Meg

Princess diaries: Give me five

823 CAB-P.S

Cabot, Meg

Princess diaries: Sixsational

823 CAB-P.S

Cabot, Meg

Princess diaries: Seventh heaven

823 CAB-P.T

Cabot, Meg

Princess diaries: Third time lucky

823 CAB-P.T

Cabot, Meg

Princess diaries: Take two

823 CAB-P.T

Cabot, Meg

Princess diaries: To the nines

823 CHR-A

Chrichton, Michael

Andromeda strain

823 CHR-C

Chrichton, Michael


823 CHR-N

Chrichton, Michael


823 CHR-S

Chrichton, Michael

State of fear

823 COL-A

Colfer, Eoin

Artemis Fowl and the opal deception

823 COO-T

Cook, Robin


823 FAN-S

Fan, Nancy Yi


823 JON-S

Jones, Jasmine

Spider-Man 3

823 KIN-R

King, Stephen

Running man

823 LEW-H

Lewis C S

Horse and his boy

823 LEW-L

Lewis C S

Last battle

823 LEW-L

Lewis C S

Lion , the witch and the wardrob

823 LEW-M

Lewis C S

Magician’s nephew

823 LEW-P

Lewis C S

Prince Caspian

823 LEW-S

Lewis C S

Silver chair

823 LEW-V

Lewis C S

Voyage of the dawn treader

823 MAC-L

Maclean, Alistair

Last frontier

823 MAC-W

Maclean, Alistair

What eight bells toll

823 MCE-A

McEwan, Ian


823 NAI-M

Naipaul, V S

Magic seeds

823 RUS-E

Rushdie, Salman

Enchantress of Florence

823 SAG-S

Sage, Ancie

Septimus heap: Book 1: Magyk

823 STO-D29

Stoker, Bram


823 TOL-F

Tolkien J R R

Felloship of the ring

823.01 HAM-G

Hamalian, Leo and Volpe, Edmond, L., Ed.

Great stories by Nobel prize winners

827 KHU-K

Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh’s joke book II

827 KHU-K

Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh’s joke book

827 KHU-K

Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh’s joke book III

954 AMI-K

Amini, Iradj

Koh-i-noor diamond

T 510 NCE-L


Let’s Learn mathematics, Book5 for class V

T 660.6 CBS-T


Textbook of Biotechnology

T 660.6 CBS-T


Textbook of Biotechnology: Class XI

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E-Book readers: a round up


By Priya Ganapati ( March 25, 2009


Samsung’s announcement that it plans to release an e-book reader called Papyrus means it is at least the seventh company to hop on the digital-book bandwagon.

With touchscreen capability and an e-ink screen, the Papyrus will cost just $300, Samsung says, making it even cheaper than the Sony Reader and the Amazon Kindle.

Papyrus, when it becomes available, will join an increasingly crowded field that includes the Kindle, Sony Reader, Fujitsu FLEPia, Hanlin eReader, Foxit eSlick Reader and the yet-to-be-released Plastic Logic reader. All of them are based on low-power electronic displays made by Cambridge, Massachusetts, company E Ink.

The Papyrus launch is still a few months away. Samsung is first expected to make Papyrus available in Korea this summer, says the Pocket-Lint website, with a later launch date in the United States and Britain. The device will come with a stylus for the touch screen, 512 MB of memory but no SD card slot, says Pocket-Lint.

But the Papyrus will have to struggle to stand out. Here’s what the competition looks like:


Amazon Kindle

The most successful e-book reader to date, the first version of the Amazon Kindle launched in November 2007 and sold an estimated 500,000 units by the end of 2008. The Kindle got a makeover in February 2009 with a new sleeker, slimmer device that sports iPod-like curves and a metal back.

The Kindle 2 has a 6-inch display but no touchscreen. It comes with 2-GB memory that can store about 1,500 books. Other features include text-to-speech for books to be read aloud, and a basic web browser. Kindle supports text, images, mp3, doc and HTML formats. Transfer of PDF files to Kindle costs an additional 10 cents per file.

Price: $360

WIRED Good-looking design is easy on the eyes. The wireless connectivity, provided by Sprint in the U.S., makes downloading books easy — no syncing with your PC required. Amazon’s retail clout ensures a wide selection of books, blogs and periodicals.

TIRED Some users have complained about the low-contrast text. The book content is shackled by DRM that makes it impossible to use on any other device you own, unless you use Amazon’s Kindle application. Will display PDF files, but Amazon charges a conversion fee of 10 cents per file. No touchscreen, and keyboard-based typing can be tedious. Available in one color only. product review of Amazon Kindle 2.

Sony Reader

Sonyprs700bc_2 The Sony Reader was one of the earliest e-book readers, with the first version launched almost a year before Amazon Kindle 1.0 was released. So far, Sony has three versions of the Reader including one touchscreen-based model and two with keyboards.

The latest model, the Sony Reader PRS 700-BC, comes with a touchscreen and a 6-inch display. It offers 512 MB standard storage that supports about 350 books with scope for expansion using memory cards.

Price: $350 for touchscreen model

WIRED  Sleek, attractive design. Choice of colors including silver, black and red. No extra charge to access or convert PDF files. Partnership with Google gives users access to about 500,000 public titles from Google Books.

TIRED  No wireless connectivity requires users to be tethered to their computers to download a new book. The proprietary software used to download books from the Sony store is clunky. No browser available.

Comparison: Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader


iRex iLiad

iRex Technologies, a spinoff from Phillips, first launched its e-book reader in 2006 and now has a second generation version of the device. Larger than the Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader, the iLiad Book Edition has an 8.1-inch screen. And at 15.3 ounces it is also about 5 ounces heavier than its peers.

But the iLiad has built in Wi-Fi capability with an option for external ethernet networking. It comes with 256 MB internal flash memory, of which 128 MB is accessible to the user, and supports text, PDF, images and HTML format.

Price: $600 for iLiad Book Edition

WIRED  Wi-Fi capability and USB/ethernet connectivity makes it easy to download books. Allows users to add notes and sketches to existing documents. Runs a Linux operating system that allows third-party applications to be created and run on the iLiad.

TIRED  More expensive than the Kindle and the Sony Reader. Access to pulp fiction and best-sellers is limited, as the iLiad cannot download files from the Sony or Amazon book stores — for commercial books, it only supports Mobipocket files.

Ars Technica review of the iLiad


Fujitsu Flepia

The Fujitsu FLEPia is the first e-book reader to sport a color e-ink screen. It has an 8-inch display capable of showing up to 60,000 colors in high definition. And yet the battery life can extend up to 40 hours, says the company.

Even better, it comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. Other features include storage via a 4-GB SD card, touchscreen and a stylus. Right now the FLEPia is on sale only in Japan, with shipping scheduled to begi April 20. Japanese FLEPia users can purchase e-books from the largest e-book online retailer in the country, says the company.

We hope it won’t be long before this device comes to the U.S. and British markets.

Price: $1,025 approx. (99,750 Japanese yen)

WIRED  Color screen. Wireless capability. Includes a browser and Windows Windows CE 5.0 (Japanese version) that allows email and use of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and other Office applications.

TIRED  Super expensive! You probably need to get a third job to support your reading habit if this is your e-book reader.

Hanlinereaderv3_3 Hanlin eReader

The e-book reader from Chinese company Tianjin Jinke Electronics was released in 2007. Featurewise there may not be much to differentiate it from its peers. It has all the basics: a 6-inch display, 32-MB SDRAM and support for the usual text, docs and images. It runs Linux OS but has no wireless capability. The Hanlin eReader is available under different brand names, such as BeBook in Netherlands.

Price: $300

WIRED  Runs a Linux-based operating system and offers an SDK so functionality can be extended.

TIRED Zero points for looks. No wireless capability to download books. Not clear how compatible it is with the Amazon or Sony e-book stores. 

Foxiteslick Foxit eSlick Reader

Foxit’s eSlick’s price tag is probably the best thing going for it right now. The device offers features similar to the Kindle and the Sony Reader. But at 6.4 ounces, eSlick is among the lightest readers on the market and comes with internal memory of 128 MB and a 2-GB SD card, and the standard 6-inch screen.

Price: $260 promotional price. Shipping starts April 10.

WIRED Excellent PDF support — to be expected from a company that has its roots in PDF software development. Built-in MP3 player. Low price.

TIRED Yet another e-reader! Doesn’t support popular e-book formats. Requires  USB connection to your PC to download new titles.


Plastic Logic

Probably the most distinct of all the e-readers, Plastic Logic is closer to a digital tabloid than a Danielle Steel paperback in its looks.

The reader is expected to measure 8.5 by 11 inches. It will be thinner than a pad of paper, but better than many of the electronic readers available currently, claims the company.

The Plastic Logic reader will support Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe PDFs, newspapers, periodicals and books. It will have a gesture-based user interface and wireless capability, says the company.

The catch? The device isn’t released yet.

Price: Unknown. Trials are expected to begin in the second half of the year.

Photos: Samsung Papyrus/Pocket-Lint, Amazon Kindle/Jim Merithew, iRex iLiad (xmacex/Flickr)

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CBSE Comprehensive School Health Manuals

There are four Manuals in this package. The first Manual-Vol I is addressed to all stakeholders concerned with school health.  The other three Manuals are activity based manuals for teachers. Vol II is Teachers Activity Manual which consist of activities for Primary LevelUpper Primary LevelSecondary and Senior Secondary Level (Classes IX-XII). The activities revolve around six different themes – Knowing your Body, Food and Nutrition, Personal and Environmental Hygiene, Physical Fitness, Being Responsible and Safe and Behaviour and Life Skills. The objectives of the modules and activities is to focus on the different aspects of growth and age appropriate development of the child. (Classes I-V), Vol III is Teacher’s Manual for (Classes VI-VIII) and Vol IV is Teachers’ Manual for

The Manuals are holistic in their approach since they deal with not only physical health but also mental, social, emotional and spiritual well being. Their uniqueness lies in their participative and interactive approach. The activities mentioned can be easily incorporated in the classroom transaction, keeping in mind that hands on learning is internalized faster than conventional learning. It is also recommended that teachers may modify or customize the activities according to their social, cultural and demographic needs.

The activities for teachers in each Section are suggestive and it is earnestly hoped that they will carry on the spirit of each section through curriculum plus intervention strategies within the school. The activities are learner centred and will help to empower them to construct knowledge for themselves in a classroom or out of the class setting.

The graded activities provided in the manual follow outcome based approach to learning, teaching and assessment. They are positive in attitude and stress on developing health promoting habits from an early age which emphasizes the concept of learning throughout life.

For the success of the school health programme it has to be developed and implemented by a strong indigenous group committed teachers under the guidance of the dynamic head of the organization as well as a committed management.  A special feature of this development would be a cooperative, caring and concerned atmosphere which it is hoped will be the key note of the school learning environment while implementing the programme.

The integration of school and community efforts should be related where the school is regarded as a social unit providing a focal point from which the school may reach out to the family, to the local community and to the community at large as a whole which in turn may support the efforts of the school.

All the volumes are available in the Library.

Visit the Library to read the Manuals

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Web site of the week: Ideas to inspire


A resource site for teachers with curriculum ideas and technical tips. A collaborative effort of teachers from many countries.

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Mahasweta Devi on the list of contenders of the Man Booker International Prize 2009


The Man Booker International Prize differs from the annual Man Booker Prize for Fiction in that it highlights one writer’s continued creativity, development and overall contribution to fiction on the world stage.  It is awarded every two years.

14 authors from 12 different countries are contenders for the third Man Booker International Prize. Seven of the authors are writers in translation.

They are:

Peter Carey (Australia)

Evan S. Connell (USA)

Mahasweta Devi (India)

E.L. Doctorow (USA)

James Kelman (UK)

Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru)

Arnošt Lustig (Czechoslovakia)

Alice Munro (Canada)

V.S. Naipaul (Trinidad/India)

Joyce Carol Oates (USA)

Antonio Tabucchi (Italy)

Ngugi Wa Thiong’O (Kenya)

Dubravka Ugresic (Croatia)

Ludmila Ulitskaya (Russia)

The contenders were selected by a judging panel chaired by Jane Smiley, writer. She was joined by Amit Chaudhuri, writer, academic and musician; and writer, film script writer and essayist, Andrey Kurkov.

Speaking at a press conference held at The New York Public Library, today (Wednesday 18 March 2009), Jane Smiley said:

“Judging the Man Booker International Prize has made us all aware of how unusual and astonishing the literary world really is.  We’ve all read books by authors we had never heard of before and they have turned out to be some of the best books we’ve ever read.  I am thrilled with the list we have come up with.  It makes me wonder who else is out there untranslated into English.

“Some of the best writers in the world have come together on this judges’ list regardless of celebrity or commercial success.  For us it’s been a rare combination of education and delight.”

Three of the contenders have previously won the annual Man Booker Prize for Fiction. Peter Carey won the Booker Prize twice – in 1988 (Oscar and Lucinda) and in 2001 (True History of the Kelly Gang). James Kelman won the Booker Prize in 1994 with How Late It Was, How Late. V.S Naipaul won the Booker Prize in 1971 with In A Free State.

The winner of this year’s Man Booker International Prize will be announced in May 2009, and the winner will be presented with their award at a ceremony in Dublin on 25 June 2009. 

The prize is sponsored by Man Group plc, which also sponsors The Man Booker Prize for Fiction.


To explore more

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Cyber Quiz



1. Wilber is the official mascot of…

2. Which retailer recently paid $5.1 million for the domain name?

3. What was once dismissed by Steve Jobs by saying “the whole conception is flawed at the top because people don’t read anymore?”

4. Expand TTL, which tells a router if packet has been in the network too long and should be discarded.

5. Name Amazon’s self-publishing service wherein any US citizen can sign up for an account, upload and sell eBooks through Amazon.

6. Gutsy Gibbon, Hardy Heron and Jaunty Jackalope are codenamed for…?

7. What is a Web beacon?

8. What is ‘Vishing’?

9. The name of Bruce Artwick is linked with the first successful virtual reality software application. What was it?

10. Fill in the blank with the creator’s first name to give part of the name of one of the most downloaded free applications: ______ Skiljan



2. ToysRUs

3. Kindle

4. Time-to-live.

5. Digital Text Platform (DTP).

6. Ubuntu, the open source Debian-based Linux distribution.

7. A file object, usually a graphic image, which is embedded on a webpage/e-mail message to monitor user behaviour.

8. VoIP phishing.

9. Flight simulator.

10. Irfan (of Irfanview fame).

Courtesy: V.V. Ramanan, Business Line

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Quiz Time


1. The city of Chicago dyes its river green on this date every year to celebrate what?

2. Tamil Nadu recently got a new District which shares its name with a town therein known for its textile and hosiery products. Name it.

3. Name the countries connected by the Simplon Tunnel.

4. Who is the only person ever to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously?

5. What five-lettered term is used for a mock attack in fencing or boxing?

6. Name the Pakistan batsman who was not out when Anil Kumble took all 10 wickets in a Test innings.

7. La Marcha Real is the National Anthem of which European country?

8. Which character’s address is ‘Apt 56B, Whitehaven Mansions, Sandhurst Sq, London’?

9. What does T9 stand for in the T9 Dictionary in mobile phones?

10. What natural creation’s shape can be Gum-footed, Horizontal Line or Triangle?

11. Fill in the blank with a type of animal: Albert was the ______ in space.

12. The ‘Bates method’ is an alternative therapy aimed at what?

13. Which colour bar in a barcode represents 0s?

14. Which circuit hosted the first Formula One GP?

15. James L. Plimpton is credited with patenting the forerunner of which of these : Bicycle, roller skate or motorcycle?


1. St. Patrick’s Day;

2. Tirupur;

3. Italy and Switzerland;

4. The former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld;

5. Feint;

6. Waqar Yunis

6. waqaryounis4

7. Spain;

8. Hercule Poirot;

9. Text on 9 keys;

10. Spider webs;

11. Monkey;

12. Improving eyesight;

13. White;

14. Silverstone;

15. Roller skate

Courtesy: V V Ramanan, The Hindu

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Comprehensive School Health Manuals

The Comprehensive School Health Manuals

on Display from 20-28 March 2009

(The first Manual-Vol I is addressed to all stakeholders concerned with school health.  The other three Manuals are activity based manuals for teachers. Vol II is Teachers Activity Manual which consist of activities for Primary Level (Classes I-V), Vol III is Teacher’s Manual for Upper Primary Level (Classes VI-VIII) and Vol IV is Teachers’ Manual for Secondary and Senior Secondary Level (Classes IX-XII))

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New Social Network for KV Librarians

A new social network has started for Kendriya Vidyalaya Librarians in India and abroad.

This is a friendly meeting place for KV librarians to share their ideas, discuss thoughts and most importantly to build friendship.

The members will get individual pages where they can add anything (photos, news, videos, etc.) that they would like to show the world.

Come, join.

Just click the image.


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Reading4Pleasure School 2020

Reading 4 Pleasure School 2020 Award


KVPattom Library on Phone

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e-reading Hub @ Your Library

Learn anything freely with Khan Academy Library of Content

A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Interactive challenges, assessments, and videos, on any topic of your interest.

Child Line (1098)

CHILDLINE 1098 service is a 24 hour free emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection.

CBSE Toll Free Tele/Online Helpline

Students can call 1800 11 8002 from any part of the country. The operators will answer general queries and also connect them to the counselors for psychological counseling. The helpline will be operational from 08 a.m to 10 p.m. On-line counseling on:

Kendriya Vidyalaya (Shift-I)
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Kerala India

Mail: librarykvpattom at