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New Arrivals (07/12/2009)


(Released on 07/12/2009)

Call No Author Title
001  GAN-Y Ganguly, Ashoke Yes I know: The book of knowledge
001  GAR-E Garg, Rajeev and Garg, Amit Electronics and computer quiz book
001  O’B-U O’brien, Derek Ultimate sports quiz book
001  ROH-F Rohan Books Factopaedia: Inventions and machines
001.076  GUP-N Gupta. R N.D.A. (National Defence Academy) Examination previous year’s solved papers
001.42  ANA-H Anantanarayanan Raman and Jayashree Nimmagadda Handbook of resesrch process
004.678  LEN-P Lenardon, John Protect your child on the internet: A parent’s toolkit
005.13W  SUE-P Suehring, Steve, et al PHP6 and MySQL: Bible
005.3  KOG-D Kogent Learning Solitions Inc Dreamweaver CS4 in simple steps
005.3P  STA-A Stacy, Cates, et al Adobe photoshop CS4: Bible
028  RED-H Redway, Kathryn How to be a rapid reader
070  FLE-I Fleming, Carole, et al Introduction to journalism
070.5  AMI-E Amita Gupta and Ashish Kumar, Comp. E-mail directory of publishers and book sellers in India
080  PRO Proverbs you must know
080  SES-S Seshadrinath, R Swami Vivekananda: 700 immortal quotations
080  SES-S Seshadrinath, R Springs of wisdom: 365 verses
080  SES-T Seshadrinath, R Thoughts for life
152.33  CHA-P5 Chadha, Jaideep Singh Please, Mom! it’s my life
158.1 Shiv Khera Freedom is not free
158.1  ADA-L Adair, John Leadership and motivation
158.1  CHA-H Chandler, Steve and Richardson, Scott Hundred ways to motivate others
158.1  HAM-H Hambly, Kenneth How to improve your confidence
158.1  SHI-F Shiv Khera Freedom is not free
158.1  SIN-H Singh, Just Win Happiness: Gain and retain
158.4  COV-L Covey, Stephen R Leader in me; How schools and parents around the world are inspiring greatness, one child at a time
181.45 Yogeswar Textbook of Yoga
294.3  GET-S Gethin, Rupert Sayings of the Buddha: A selection of suttas from the Pali Nikayas
303.44  NIL-I Nilekani, Nandan Imagining India: ideas for the new century
303.4830954  ABD-I Abdul Kalam, A P J India 2020: A vision for the new millennium
303.625  WEI-B Weinberg, Leonard Beginners guide to global terrorism
330  SOW-B sowell, Thomas Basic economics: A citizen’s guide to the economy
330.1  CHI-V Chidambaram P View from the outseide: Why good economics works for everyone
363.7  BHA-T Bharucha, erach Textbook of Environmental studies for undergraduate courses
370.113  BHA-C Bhalla, Prem P Complete guide to careers
370.113  WIL-R Williams, Lynn Ready made CVs: Winning CVS for every type of job
371.122  ANA-Y Anandamurugan, S You can be a successful teacher
371.122  KEL-O Kelly, Melissa one eighty tips and tricks for new teachers
371.3  TRA-S Tracy, Eileen Student’s guide to exam success
371.39  SAN-U Sanjaya Mishra Understanding learning technologies
371.4  BHA-F Bhamre, Sanjiv R Five great myths of career building
371.5954   BEN-S Benei, Veronique Schooling in India: Hindus, Muslims, and the forging of citizens
372.6  UR,-F Ur, Penny; Wright, Andrew Five-minute activities: A resource book for language teachers
395  SAH-B Sahukar, Nimeran & Prem P. Bhalla Book of etiquette and manners: A comprehensive guide on good manners and courtesies
421  NAM-S Nambiar, K C Speaking accurately: A course in international communication
421.52  IYA-S Iyathurai spoken English for all
423.1  D’S-W D’Silvs, John World famous synonyms and antonyms
425  BOU-E Bourke, Kenne English verbs and tenses
425  BOU-E Bourke, Kenne English grammar
425  JOH-P Johnson, Neil Perfet Guide on word power
425  SES-E Seshadrinath, R Effective speaking and writing in English
425  SES-E Seshadrinath, R Effective speaking and writing in English
425  UR,-G Ur, Penny Grammar practice activities: A practical guide for teachers
502  JAY-S Jayant V. Narlikar Scientific edge
502  LIT-J Litt, Toby Journey into space
502.5  GAR-S Garg, Rajeev and Garg, Amit Science quiz book: 1100 questions and answers
507  GUT-N Guttridge, John New Science teacher’s Handbook
523.1  BRY-S Bryson, Bill Short history of nearly everything
523.1  HAW-A Hawking, Stephen,ed. Albert Einstein: The essential Einstein: His greatest works
523.1  WEL-W Wells H G War of the worlds
530  BAK-5 Baker, Joanne 50 physics ideas you really need to know
551.22  HOD-E Bhaskar Sarkar Earthquakes and earth structure
580  ROH-F Rohan Books Factopaedia:Plant
591  KHA-E Khatri, Vikas Endangered animals of the world
614  SHA-S Shahnaz Husain Shahnaz Husain’s beauty book
616  JAI-A Jain, Ashok Birbal and Aruna A Birbal Jain A to Z of back and neck pain: a practical guide to become a well-informed patient
660.6  BIL-I Bilgrami, K S and Pandey A K Introduction to Biotechnology
660.6  HAR-F Harisha. S Fundamentals of Bioinformatics
660.6  JAN-P Janarthanan, S and Vincent, S Practical biotechnology: Methods and protocols
660.6  JAY-C Jayakumaran Nair A Comprehensive Biotechnology for Class XI
741  WAR-T Ward, Barbara Teaching children to draw
796  GAV-S Gavaskar, Sunil Straight drive
797.21  STR-M Strel, Martin and Mohlke, Matthew Man whi swam the Amazon: 3,274 miles down the world’s deadliest river
808  MEH-R Mehrotra, Palash Krishna Recess: The Penguin book of schooldays
808.068  AND-S andersen, Hans Christian Snow queen
808.068  AND-S Andersen, Hans Christian Snow queen Level 2
808.068  ARO-M Aromal T,  retold Master and his dogs
808.068  ARO-M Aromal T,  retold Master and his dogs
808.068  ARO-R Aromal T Rivers and the sea
808.068  BON-P Bond, Ruskin Puffin good reading guide for children
808.068  BRO-J Bronte, Charlotte Jane Eyre
808.068  COR-T Corbett, Jim Tree tops
808.068  GIT-B Gita Nath Bear Clare’s pear
808.068  HER-C Herge Calculus affair: Adventures of Tintin
808.068  IRV-R Irving, Washington Rip Van winkle and the legend of sleepy hollow; Level 2
808.068  LIT-T Litta Jacob, retold Thumbelina finds her true love
808.068  MIN-C Mini John Chimpu learns a lesson
808.068  MIN-N Mini John, retold Nightingale
808.068  PAD-W Padma Malini Sundararaghavan, abridged Wit and wisdom of Tenali Raman and Birbal
808.068  SAH-W Sahai, Geta lal World famous strange mysteries
808.068  SHA-L Sharma, Partap Little Master of the elephant  Level 3
808.068  SIN-S Singh, Arthy Muthanna, Retold Selfish fisherman
808.068  SUN-M Sunita Jain Mango tree; Level 1
808.068  SWA-S Swapna Dutta, abridged Stories from Greek Mythology
808.068  SWA-S Swapna Dutta, abridged Stories from Greek Mythology
808.068  TAN-K Tanya Munshi, retold King of birds
808.068  TAN-T Tanya Munshi Two bachelors and a python
808.068  UDE-A Uderzo, Albert Asterix and the roman agent
808.068  UDE-A Uderzo, Albert Asterix and the secret weapon
808.068  UDE-A Uderzo, Albert Asterix and son
808.068  VIN-T Vinitha Ramachandran Turtle Tales
808.068  VIN-T Vinitha Ramachandran Turtle Tales
808.8  NIL-R Nilanjana Gupta and Rimi B Chatterjee Reading children: Essay’s on children’s literature
821.08   YEA-P Yeats, W B Poems selected by Seamus Heaney
821.08  HUG-P Hughes, Ted Poems selected by Simon Armitage
821.08  VIK-C Vikram Seth Collected poems
822.08  KAR-T Karnad, Girish Three plays: Naga-Mandala, Hayavadana and Tughlaq
822.33  LAM-T Lamb, Charles; Lamb, Mary Tales from Shakespeare


Anita Jain Marrying Anita: A quest for love in the new India
823  BAN-G Banker, Ashok K Gods of war
823  BIB-M Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay Moon mountain
823  BLY-F Blyton, Enid Five have plenty of fun
823  BLY-F Blyton, Enid Five go to mystery Moor
823  BLY-F Blyton, Enid Five on Finniston farm
823  BLY-F Blyton, Enid Fun for the secret seven
823  BLY-G Blyton, Enid Good work, Secret seven
823  BLY-L Blyton, Enid Look out, Secret seven
823  BLY-M Blyton, Enid Mystery of the vanished prince
823  BLY-M Blyton, Enid Mystery of the strange bundle
823  BLY-P Blyton, Enid Puzzle for the Secret seven
823  BLY-S Blyton, Enid Secret seven  adventure
823  BLY-S Blyton, Enid Secret seven fireworks
823  BLY-S Blyton, Enid Secret seven: Three exciting adventures
823  BLY-S Blyton, Enid Secret seven: Three exciting adventures
823  BRO-D Brown, Dan Da Vinci Code
823  BRO-L Brown, Dan Lost symbol
823  BUR-S Burnett, Frances Hodgson Secret garden
823  CHR-P Christie, Agatha Passenger of Frankfurt
823  CHR-P Christie, Agatha Pocket full of rye
823  COL-A Colfer, Eoin Airman
823  COL-A Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl and the eternity code
823  COL-L Colfer, Eoin Legend of the worst boy in the world
823  COL-P Collodi, Carlo Pinocchio
823  COR-J Corbett, Jim Jungle Lore
823  DIX-B Dixon, Franklin W Boardwalk Bust
823  DIX-B Dixon, Franklin W Bayport Buccaneers
823  DIX-C Dixon, Franklin W Comic con Artist
823  DIX-G Dixon, Franklin W Game called chaos
823  DIX-S Dixon, Franklin W Search for  the snow leopard
823  DIX-T Dixon, Franklin W Trouble in Paradise
823  DIX-T Dixon, Franklin W Thrill ride
823  DOY-A Doyle, Arthur Conan A study in Scarlet
823  DOY-H Doyle, Arthur Conan His  last bow and the case-book of sherlock Holmes
823  DUM-T Dumas, Alexandre Three Musketeers
823  HAN-W Hangman’s Journal Warrier, Shashi
823  ISH-N Ishiguro, kazuo Never Let Me Go
823  JAC-G Jacob and Grimm, Wilhelm Grimms’ Fairy Tales
823  KAD-T Kadare, Ismail The siege
823  KAF-T Kafka, Franz The Trial
823  KAM-C Kamala Markandaya Coffer dams
823  KAV-G Kavita Daswani Girl named Indie
823  KEE-B Keen, Carolyn Bad times, big crimes
823  KEE-D Keen, Carolyn Dangerous Plays
823  KEE-G Keen, Carolyn Getting Burned
823  KEE-L Keen, Carolyn Lights, camera
823  KEE-L Keen, Carolyn Lights, camera
823  KEE-O Keen, Carolyn Once upon a crime
823  KEE-P Keen, Carolyn Perfect Escape
823  KEE-R Keen, Carolyn Riverboat Ruse
823  KEE-T Keen, Carolyn Teen Model Mystery
823  KEE-T Keen, Carolyn Trails of Treachery
823  KHA-C Khatri, Devakinandan Chandrakanta
823  KIP-A Kipling, rudyard Adventures of Mowgli
823  KIP-A Kipling, Rudyard Adventures of Mowgli
823  KIP-J Kipling, Rudyard Jungle book
823  MAN-W Mantel, Hilary Wolf Hall
823  MCF-L McFadden, Deanna Last of the Mohicans
823  MUN-R Munro, Alice Runaway
823  NAM-S Namita Gokhale Shakuntala: the play of memory
823  NES-F Nesbit. E Five Children and It
823  NES-S Nesbit. E Story of the treasure seekers
823  OLM-P Olmstead, Kathleen, Retold Prince and the pauper
823  OLM-P Olmstead, Kathleen, Retold Prince and the pauper
823  RWY-G Rwynolds, Alastair Galactic North
823  SAN-C Sankar Chowringhee
823  SEW-B Sewell, Anna Black Beauty
823  SHA-G Shashi Tharoor Great Indian novel
823  SHA-R Shashi Tharoor Riot: a novel
823  SPY-H Spyri, Johanna Heidi
823  SRI-N Srividya Natarajan No onions nor garlic
823  STO-U Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom’s cabin
823  SWI-G Swift, Jonathan Gilliver’s Travels
823  VER-A Verne, Jules Around the world in 80 days
823  ZAM-D Zamorsky, Tania, Retold Dracula
823  ZAM-D Zamorsky, Tania Pinocchio
823.01  BAN-W Bandyopadhyay, Pranab World’s great ghost stories
823.01  VAS-K Vasudevan Nair, M T Kuttiedathi and other stories
823.08  ASH-M Ashokamitran Mole
823.08  BON-P Bond, Ruskin Parrot who wouldn’t  talk and other stories
823.08  DAH-G Dahl, Roald Great automatic grammatizator and other stories
823.08  JON-F Jones, diana wynne Fantasty stories
823.08  KAM-S Kamala Das Sandal trees and other stories
823.08  MUN-M Munro, Alice Moons of Jupiter
823.08  MUN-V Munro, Alice View from Castle rock: Stories
823.08  RUS-H Rushdie, Salman Haroun ande the sea of stories
824  MIN-N Minerva New 300venglish essays
824  SUN-H Sundaresan R Hundred essays on current topics
825  JAI-G Jain, Gagan Great women’s great speeches
826  SUN-T Sung, Abraham Three thirty more model letters for all occasions
827.08  BON-B Bond, Ruskin Book of humour
828  ALI-S Ali, Rubina Slumgirl dreaming: My journey to the stars
828  BAR Barack Obama: The inaugural address 2009
910  FRA-C Frater, Alexander Chasing the monsoon: A modern pilgrimage through India
915.48  WOO-S Wood, Michael South Indian Journey
920.02  KOT-W Kothari, Ajay Kumar World famous 101 great lives, Vol.1
920.02  KOT-W Kothari, Ajay Kumar and Sharma, Vishwa Mithra World famous 101 great lives, Vol.2
920.02  MAT-A Mathai, Kamini A.R. Rahman: The musical storm
923.2 Anderson Jon Lee Che Guevara:  A revolutionary life
923.2  GAN-G Gandhi, Rajmohan Ghaffar Khan: Non violent Badshah of the Pakhtuns
923.2  REB-G Reba som Gandhi, Bose, Nehru and the Making of the Modern Indian Mind
923.2  SUU-F Suu Kyi, Aung San Freedom from fear and other writings
923.6  RUK-A Rukmini Chawla Apostle of love: The life of Mother Teresa
925  GOT-E Gottfried,Ted Enrico Fermi: Pioneer of the Atomic Age
925  MIL-C Milner, Richard Charles Darwin: Evolution of a Naturalist
925  SPA-N Spangenburg, Ray and Moser, Diane K Niels Bohr: Gentle genius of Denmark
927.8  HAL-U Halperin, Ian Unmasked: The final years of Michael Jackson
928.28  TAG-M Tagore, Rabindranath My life in my words
954  BIP-I Bipan Chnadra, Mridula Mukherjee and Aditya Mukherjee India since Independence
954  RIT-B Rita Kothari Burden of refuge: Partition experiences of the Sindhis of Gujrat
954  SHA-I Sharma, R S India’s ancient past
954.83  SRE-L Sreedhara Menon.A Legacy of Kerala
H  8H3.01  BHA-K Bharati, Radhakant Kahavaton kee kahaniyan
H  8H3.01  HAT-S Hatharasi, Kaka and Sharan, Giriraj Shreshtha Hasys-Vyangya Kahaniyam
H  8H3.01  MAN-S Mande, Yashvant Shreshtha Sainik Kahaniyan
H 8H4  SAR Saral Hindi nibandh, pathra, Prarthana pathr yevam anuched lekhan
R  001  AYS-E Aysha Sasidharan, ed. Everyday Science
R  001  AYS-L Aysha Sasidharan, ed. Life Science
R  001  AYS-M Aysha Sasidharan, ed. Machines
R  001  AYS-S Aysha Sasidharan, ed. Sciene and Technology
R  001  ROH-T Rohan Books Tell me when?
R  001  ROH-T Rohan Books Tell me which ?
R  001  ROH-T Rohan Books Tell me who?
R  001  ROH-T Rohan Books Tell me why?
R  001  ROH-T Rohan Books Tell me where?
R  500  TEJ-V Tejaswini Dash Virtual labs
R  720.954  RAM-G Ramu Katakam Glimpses of architecture in Kerala: Temples and Palaces
R 030  MAT-M43 Mathew, K M, Ed. Manorama yearbook-2009
R 030  MAT-M43 Mathew, K M, Ed. Manorama yearbook-2009
R 428  OLS-W Olsen, David Words you should know : 1200 essential words every educated person should be able to use and define
T 321.02  NCE-P NCERT Politics in India since independence

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