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New Books (as on 6/1/2010)


(as on 06th January 2010)

Call No.

001.076 THO-P

Thorpe, Edgar and thorpe, Showick

Pearson guide to the CDS examination

001.076 THO-P

Thorpe, Edgar and thorpe, Showick

Pearson guide to the LLB entrance examinations

001.076 THO-P

Thorpe, Edgar and thorpe, Showick

Pearson guide to the NDA examination

115 BAL-A

Bal Phondke

About time

154 DIC

Miller, Gustavus Hindman

Dictionary of dreams

158.1 SAP-J

Sapre, S A

Joy of work

303.4 TOF-F

Toffler, Alvin

Future shock

363.73 MAN-E

manivasakam, N

Environmental pollution

363.73 MON-H

Monbiots, George

Heat: How we can stop the planet burning

370 AGG-R

Aggarwal, J C

Recent develoopments and trends in education

500 HAW-B

Hawking, Stephen

Black holes and baby universes and other essays

580.12 DAN-T

Daniel, M

Taxonomy: Evolution at work

581.634 JAI-M

Jain, S K

Medicinal plants

611 BIJ-H

Bijlani, R L and Manchanda, S K

Human machine

616.0252 LAL-P

Lal, Kalpana Sood

Prevention of burns

660.6 DEB-B

Debeswar Roy


660.6 RAS-B

Rastogi, S C

Biotechnology: Principles and applications

660.6 VIT-B

Vittal, Ravishankar Rai, Ed.

Biotechnology: Concepts and applications

778.53 RAH-N

Rahmel, Dan

Nuts and bolts of filmmaking

822 CHR-W

Christie, Agatha

Witness for the prosecution and selected plays

823 AND

Andersen, Hans Christian

Andersen’s fairy tales

823 ASI-G

Asimov, Isaac


823 ASI-P

Asimov, Isaac

Prelude to foundation

823 CAB-M

Cabot, Meg

Mediator: Mean spirits

823 CAB-M

Cabot, Meg

Mediator 2: High stakes

823 CAB-M

Cabot, Meg

Mediator 5: Grave doubts

823 CAR-H

Carrey, Peter

His illegal self

823 CAR-T

Carey, Peter

Theft: A love story

823 CHA-T

Charles and Mary Lamb

Tales from Shakespeare

823 CHR-A

Christie, Agatha

At Bertrams hotel

823 COE-A

Coelho, Paulo


823 COL-A

Colfer, Eoin

Artemis Fowl and the Artic incident

823 COO-W

Coolidge, Susan

What Katy did at school and what katy did next

823 DAH-B

Dahl, Roald


823 DAH-C

Dahl, Roald

Charlie and the great glass elevator

823 DAH-G

Dahl, Roald

George’s marvellous medicine

823 DAL-C

Dalhl, Roald

Collected short stories of Roald Dalhl

823 DAL-C

Dalrymple, William

City of djinns: A year in Delhi

823 DAL-N

Dalrymple, William

Nine lives: In search of the sacred in modern India

823 DOY-R

Doyle, Arthur Conan

Return of Sherlock Holmes

823 ENG

English fairy tales

823 FUN-I

Funke, Cornelia


823 FUN-I

Funke, Cornelia


823 GIL-R

Gilbert, Henry

Robin Hood

823 KEE-N

Keene, Carolyn

Nancy Drew: Real fake

823 KEE-N

Keene, Carolyn

Nancy Drew: Chocolate covered contest

823 KIN-S

Kinsella, Sophie

Shopaholic and baby

823 KIN-U

Kinsella, Sophie

Undomestic goddes

823 LAN-T

Lang, Andrew

Tales of Troy and Greece

823 MON-H

Monica Pradhan

Hindi-Bindi club

823 MOR-C

Moran, Michelle

Cleaopatra’s daughter: Princess of Egypt ,prisoner of Rome

823 NES-P

Nesbit, E

Phoenix and the Carpet

823 NIS-F

Nisbit, E

Five children and it

823 PRE-M

Preston, Douglas

Monster of florence

823 ROH-S

Rohinton Mistry

Such a long journey

823 RON-W

Rong, Jiang

Wolf Totem

823 SEW-B

Sewell, Anna

Black Beauty

823 STI-R

Stine, R L

Rotten school

823 TWA-T

Twain, Mark

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

823 ULL-T

Ullas Karanth, Ed

Tiger tales: Tracking the big cat across Asia

823 WEB-K

Webb, Marion St. John

Knock three times

823.01 DAH-W

Dahl, Roald

Wonderful story of henry Sugar and six more

8H1.08 AHM-K

Ahmad Faraz

Khanabadosh(Gazals) (h)

8H1.08 PRA-G

Prakash pandit, Ed.

Ghalib : Life sketch and selected poems (h)

8H1.08 PRA-I

Prakash pandit, Ed.

Iqbal : Life sketch and selected poems (h)

8H1.08 PRA-N

Prakash pandit, Ed.

Nazir : Life sketch and selected poems (h)

8H1.08 PRA-S

Prakash pandit, Ed.

Shakil Badayuni: Life sketch and selected poems (h)

8H1.08 SRI-P

Srikanth and Shahrose

Pakistan ki shairi(Collection of poetry from Pakistan) (h)


Bhatnagar, Rajendra Mohan

Dilli chalo (h)



Mehfil (h)


nandan, Kanhaiya Lal

Aag ke rang (h)


Dave, Jyoteendra H.

Hasyam sharnam gachhami (h)


Nandan, Kanhaiya Lal

Shreshtha vyanga kathayen (h)


Pars, Hari Shankar

Apni apni beemari (h)

923.154 LIG-M

Lightfoot, Elizabeth

Michelle Obama: first lady of hope

923.154 SUD-M

Sudhir Kakar

Mira and the mahatma

923.554 TAP-R

Tapti Roy

Raj of the rani

923.7 KEL-S

keller, helen

Story of my life

928.H HAR-B.3

Harivanshrai Bachchan

Basere se door: Autobiography (h), Bhag 3

928.H HAR-D.4

Harivanshrai Bachchan

Dashdwar se sopan tak: Autobiography (h), Bhag 4

954 MOH-A

Mohinder Singh

Akali movement

H 158.1

Mehrotra, Ramesh Chandra

Sukh ki rahen (h)

H 158.1 BHA-T

Bhatia, Suresh Chandra

Time management aur safalata (h)

H 158.1 DEE-S

Deepak Chopra

Sukhmaya jeewan ke secrets: Power freedom and grace (h)

H 158.1 HAY-Y

Hay, Louise L.

You can heal your life (h)

H 158.1 PRA-A

Pramod Batra, et al.

Apane pariwar ko khush kaise rakhen (h)

H 158.1 VIR-M

Virendra Kumar

Meetha bolen, sukhi rahen (h)

H 180 DEE-S

Deepak Chopra

Safalta ke aadhyatmic niyam: Seven spiritual laws of success (h)

H 305.231 CLI-B

Clinton, Hillary Rodham

Bachche hamare bhavishya: It takes a village (h)

H 808.068 TIN-B

Tini Tat

Shikshaprad kahaniyam (h)

H 808.068 TIN-B

Tini Tat

Dakshin bharat ki lok kathayem (h)

H 808.068 TIN-B

Tini Tat

Bharatiya ithihas ke mahanayak (h)

H 808.068 TIN-B

Tini Tat

Akbar birbal ki prasidh kahaniyam (h)

H 808.068 TIN-B

Tini Tat

Hatim ki kahaniyam (h)

H 808.068 TIN-B

Tini Tat

Tenaliraman (h)

H 808.068 TIN-B

Tini Tat

Balramayan (h)

H 808.068 TIN-B

Tini Tat

Mugal shasak (h)

H 808.068 TIN-B

Tini Tat

Prerak kahaniyam (h)

H 923.254 NAR-A

Narasimha Rao, P V

Antargata: The insider (h)

H 808.068 SHY-

Shyam Duo

Bharat ke swarnim ithihas ki kahani (h)

R 001 MON-H

Monica Arora, Ed.

Hundred wonders of India: The finest treasures of civilisation and nature

R 001.076 ROB-C

Robinson, Adam, et al

Cracking the SAT

R 080 WOR

Munshi, R N

World famous quotations

R 4H3.1 BHA-A

Bhatia, K C , Ed.

Angrezi-Hindi abhivyakti kosh: English Hindi dictionary of phrase (h)

R 900 LEI-H

Leier, Manfred, Ed.

Hundred most beautiful cities of the world: A journey across five continents

R 371.4 JAY-E

Jayanti Ghose

Encyclopedia of careers

R 741 MIK-C

Mike Chaplin and Diana Vowles

Complete book of drawing and painting

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