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New Arrivals (18/02/2010)






001  TAY-B

 Taylor, Andrew

Books that changed the world: The fifty most influential books in human history

001.076  AIE


AIEEE physics in 30 days

001.076  ARI-1


12 years’ solved papers(1998-2009) Kerala-CEE Medical

001.076  ARI-1


12 years’ solved papers(1998-2009) Kerala-CEE Engineering

001.076  ARI-K


 Kerala-CEE, Engineering: Twelve years’ solved papers)1998-2009)

001.076  BRY-A

 Bryon, Mike

Advanced numeracy test workbook

001.076  CAR-I

 Carter, Philip

IQ and personality tests

001.076  COM


AIEEE chemistry in 30 days

001.076  COM


Complete chemistry foe AIEEE 2010

001.076  MIS-P

 Mishra S

Practice problems in physics for engineering and medical college entrance examinations

001.076  SIJ-F

 Sijwali, B S and Ajay Sing

 Face 2 face with 12 years'(1997-2008) MAT Management Aptitude Test

001.076  SOL


 Solved papers CAT – C0mmon Admission Test including practice papers

001.076  VIN-C

 Vinay Kumar

 Complete biology for medical entrance examination

070.19  KAR-M

 Karan Thapar

More salt than pepper

155.4  MIL-S

 Miller, Karen

Simple steps: developmental activities for infants, toddlers and two-year-olds

158.1  REY-M

 Reynolds, Susan

 My dad is my hero

158.1  TIM

 Cook, Marshall J

 Time management

202  GOL-C

 Goldsmith, Sheherazade

Christmas book

297  KHA-P

 Khan, Maulana Wahiduddin

Prophet of peace: Teaching of the prophet Muhammad

303.66  HOL-O

 Holmes, Richard Evans, Martin Marix, Ed.

 Oxford guide to battles

320.03  HAN-N

 Hanson, Jim

 NTC’s dictionary of debate

320.55  DES-M.2

 Desai, Narayan

 My life is my message. vol.II Satyagraha(1915-1930)

320.55  DES-M.3

 Desai, Narayan

 My life is my message. vol.III Satyagraha(1930-1940)

320.55  DES-M.4

 Desai, Narayan

 My life is my message. vol.IV Satyagraha(1940-48)

370.113  JAM-O

James, Jayne W and Bailey Gerald

 Online professional development: A customized approach for technology leaders

370.15  FRY-G

 Fry, Ron

 Great big book of how to study

370.15  MEE-T

 Meera Ravi

 Teaching through the heart: Action plan for better teaching

370.15  MUK-M

 Mukhopadhyay Suvasish

 Motivating school kids

370.15  MUK-W

 Mukunda, Kamala V

 What did you ask at school today ?: A handbook of child learning

371.39  PRO

 Moursund, David

 Project based learning using information technology

371.4  BAR-C2

 Barett, Jim

 Career aptitude and selection tests

420.7  HAR-A

 Harrison, Louis and Cushen, Caroline

 Achieve IELTS 1, English for international education: Student’s Book, Intermediate-upper intermediate

420.7  HAR-A

 Harrison, Louis, et al

 Achieve IELTS 1, English for international education: Workbook, Intermediate-upper intermediate

420.7  HAR-A

 Cushen, Caroline, et al

 Achieve IELTS 2, English for international education: Student’s book,, Upper intermediate-Advanced band 5.5 to 7.5

420.7  HAR-A

 Harrison, Louis, et al

 Achieve IELTS 1, English for international education: Workbook, Intermediate-upper intermediate

420.7  HAR-A

 Cushen, Caroline, et al

 Achieve IELTS 2, English for international education: Workbook, Upper intermediate-Advanced band 5.5 to 7.5

420.7  HAR-A

 Harrison, Louis and Cushen, Caroline

 Achieve IELTS 1, English for international education: Student’s Book, Intermediate-upper intermediate

420.7  MAR-I

 Marks, Jon

 IELTS Resource pack

425  KIM-G

 Kimes, Joanne and Muschla, Gary Robert

 Grammar sucks: What to do to make your writing much more better

425  RAP-S


 Self letter drafting course

425  SWA-P

 Swan, Michael

 Practical  english usage

428  BRO-E

 Brown, Kristine

 Essay writing: step-by-step

502  CAR-M

 Card, Orson scott

 Masterpieces: The best science fiction of the twentieth century

503  WEL-Q

 Wellington, J J

 Questions dictionary of Science

510  GOY-P

 Goyal S K

 Problem book in mathematics for IIT JEE, AIEEE, DCE & other regional engineering entrance exams

510  PHI-T

 Philip, Sam

 Thousand math problems

523.1  MAN-C

 Mani Bhaumic

 Cosmic detective: Exploring the mysteries of our universe

650  MET

 Balachandran, G

 Methodology and perspectives of business studies

796.358  SHA-S

 Shashi Tharoor and Shaharyar Khan

 Shadows across the playing field: 60 years of India-Pakistan cricket

808.068  VAL-R



808.87  BAY-H

 Bayard, Pierre

 How to talk about books you haven’t read

821.08  HEA-S

 Heaney, Seamus and Hughes, Ted, Ed

 School bag

821.08  KIP-C

 Kipling, Rudyard

 Complete verse of Rudyard Kipling

823  ATW-C

 Atwood, Margaret

 Cat’s eye

823  BLY-B

 Blyton, Enid

 Brer rabbit’s a rascal

823  BLY-B

 Blyton, Enid

 Brer rabbit book

823  BLY-B

 Blyton, Enid

 Adventures of Pip

823  BLY-B

 Blyton, Enid

 Tales of Betsy-May

823  BLY-M

 Blyton, Enid

 More about Amelia Jane!

823  BLY-T

 Blyton, Enid

 Three Cheers, Secret Seven

823  BLY-T

 Blyton, Enid

 The Secret Seven

823  CAB-M

 Cabot, Meg

 Mediator 5: Grave doubts

823  CAB-M

 Cabot, Meg

 Mediator 2: High stakes

823  CAB-M

 Cabot, Meg

 Mediator 3: Mean spirit

823  CAB-M

 Cabot, Meg

 Mediator 4: Young blood

823  CAB-M

 Cabot, Meg

 Mediator 6: heaven sent

823  CAB-P.T

 Cabot, Meg

 Princess diaries: Mia goes fourth

823  CAB-P.T

 Cabot, Meg

 Princess diaries: Take two

823  CAN-C

 Canfield, Jack, et al.

 Chicken soup for the Indian armed forces soul

823  CHR-T

 Christie, Agatha

 Third girl

823  COT-A

 Cotterill, Colin

 Anarchy and old dogs

823  DEE-P

 Deepanjana Pal

 Painter: A life of Ravi Varma

823  DIX-H

 Dixon, Franklin W

 Hardy Boys 140 : Slam dunk sabottage

823  DIX-H

 Dixon, Franklin W

 Hardy Boys, Deprivation house

823  DIX-H

 Dixon, Franklin W

 Hardy Boys: Bayport buccaneers

823  DIX-N

 Dixon, Franklin W

 Nancy boys and the Hardy boys super mystery

823  ECO-F

 Eco, Umberto

 Foucault’s pendulum

823  GIU-D

 Giuttari, Michele

 Death of a mafia don

823  JAC-B


 Bell maker

823  JAQ-S

 Jaques, Brian


823  LAR-G

 Larsson, Stieg

 Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest

823  MEY-B

 Meyer, Stephenie

 Breaking dawn

823  MEY-E

 Meyer, Stephenie


823  MEY-N

 Meyer, Stephenie

 New moon

823  MUL-L

 Muller, Herta

 Land of green plums

823  MUR-W

 Murakami, Haruki

 Wild sheep  chase

823  MUR-W

 Murakami, Haruki

 Wind-up bird chronicle

823  NAR-T

 Narayan, R K

 Talkative man

823  NAR-W

 Narayan, R K

 Waiting for the mahatma

823  PAO-B

 Paolini, Christopher

 Brisingr: The seven promises of eragon shadeslayer and saphira bjartskular

823  ROB-B

 Roberts, Nora


823  SET-W

 Sethi, Ali

 Wish maker

823  STE-A

 Stein, Garth

 Art of racing in the rain

823  STI-G

 Stine, R L

 Give Yourself Goosebumps: You’re plant food

823  SUJ-C

 Sujit Saraf

 Confession of Sultana daku

823  USH-C

 Usha, K R


823.01  BAS-P

 Basheer, Vaikom Muhammad

 Poovan banana and other stories

823.01  DIX-H

 Dixon, Franklin W

 Hardy Boys : Ghost stories

828  ARI-P

 Arias, Juan

 Paulo Coelho: Confessions of a pilgrims

912  SCH


 New modern school atlas

920.02  GUE-M

 Guest, Tim

 My life in orange

923.173  OBA-D

 Obama, Barack

 Dreams from my father

923.251  PAT

 Dalai Lama

 Path to freedom: Freedom in exile and ancient wisdom, modern world

923.254  JAS-J

 Jaswant Singh

 Jinnah: India-partition, independence

923.254  NAR-M

 Narayan Desai

 My life is my message, 1: Sadhana (1869-1915)

923.554  VIN-T

 Vinita Kamte

 To the last bullet: An inspiring story of braveheart Ashok Kamte

927.8  JAC-M

 Jackson, Michwel

 Moon walk

954  IRF-P

 Irfan Habib

 People’s history of India: 2 The indus civilization

954  IRF-P

 Irfan Habib

 People’s history of India: 1 Prehistory

H 808.068  SHY-C

 Shyam Dua

 Chandamama ki kahaniyam (h)

H 808.068  SHY-D

 Shyam Duo

 Dada dadi ki 200 manoranjak kahaniyam (h)

H 808.068  SHY-M

 Shyam Dua

 Mulla Nazuruddin aur uske kisse (h)

H 808.068  SHY-M

 Shyam Dua

 Meri priya pari kathayem (h)

H 808.068  SHY-S

 Shyam Dua

 Hitopadesh ki prasidh kahaniyam (h)

H 808.068  SHY-S

 Shyam Dua

 Sadabahar kahaniyamn (h)

H 808.068  SHY-S

 Shyam Dua

 Sahasik kahaniyam (h)

H 808.068  SHY-S

 Shyam Dua

 Meri priy samajik bal kathayein (h)

H 808.068  SHY-U

 Uncle Sam

 Uthar bharat ki lok kathayein (h)

H 808.068  SHY-U

 Uncle Sam

 Such Buch ki kahaniyam (h)

R  001  HAC-H


 Hachette children’s infopedia and yearbook 2010

R  030

 Gallagher, Belinda, Ed

 Children’s A to Z encyclopedia

R  030  COM

 Sachdeva, S K , Ed

 Competition success review: Year Book 2010*

R  423.1  BUD-S

 Bud and Wileman, Ed

 Spelling dictionary

R  551.6  WOR-W

 World Bank

 World development report 2010: Development and climate change

R 030  MAT-M45

 Mathew, K M, Ed.

 Manorama yearbook-2010

R 502.803  ROB-E

 Robson, Pam and Seller, Mick

 Encyclopedia of Science Projects

R 551.6  AL -O

 Al Gore

 Our choice: a plan to solve the climate crisis

R 745  CHA-G

 Charner, Kathy ed.

 Giant encyclopedia of art and craft activities for children


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