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UNESCO Kids Book Cover Competition 2014: Download the template and instructions to participate

The World Book and Copyright Day – 23 April

UNESCO has celebrated this day on 23 April for 19 years now, providing an opportunity to reflect on ways to better disseminate the culture of the written words and to allow all individuals to access it, through literacy programmes, open educational resources, and support for careers in publishing, book shops, libraries and schools.

In many countries, books, comics, magazines, newspapers and even posters are rare commodities and the classroom environment is the only place where children will come into contact with words in the written form.

International Book Cover competition

Within this framework, UNESCO is pleased to present to you the Kids Book Cover Competition 2014, which is intended to mobilize children to participate actively in promoting books and reading. It also allows them to be creative, and express their style and personality. Children are invited to express their ideas through a drawing in the form of a book cover. In this way, children and teachers could make a collective effort in thinking on books’ contribution to education and dissemination of knowledge.

Who can participate?

Contestants must be 6 to 13 years old. This is an ideal activity for individual students and community youth club members. There is no limit in the number of book cover entries a school or a youth club can submit. Children from all over the world are invited to participate in the competition by the closing date of 20 April 2014.

Competition theme

Each participant should draw his/her book cover that illustrates the following theme:

Respecting Differences UNESCO considers that education is essential to strengthening the foundations of tolerance, reducing discrimination and violence, and learning to live together. Education is vital to achieve these aims and cultivate respect for all people regardless of colour, gender, or national, ethnic or religious identity. It is especially important to reach out to children and young people during their formative years, notably through educational materials and curricula.

Book Cover template

Use the Book Cover template, colour it with your own amazing design and with a book title you dream up. The template can be copied or reproduced on a separate sheet of paper. All possible techniques can be used to do the drawings, separately or mixed: coloured felt pens, paint, markers, stickers, colour pencils, etc.

The proposed cover should display:

 a visual1: drawing, picture, collage

 a catchy title

 your name as the author

 an invented name of a publisher

Since there will be no dialogue in the cover, drawings must communicate the basic message. Some key worlds may be added if needed.


Submission of the book covers

The original copy of the cover should be sent to the office of the National Commission for UNESCO of your country at the latest by: 20 April 2014.

If a photo is chosen, it may not display an identifiable person unless permission is obtained and provided. The drawings can be in black and white or in color.

Prior to submitting your entry, remember to put your personal details on a separate sheet: your name, surname, age, the name and address of your school and the name of your professor. The criteria for selection will be based on the originality of the proposals and the relevance to the theme.


Up to five drawings per age group (from 6 to 9 and from 10 to 13) will be selected by the National Commission of your country. Finalists at the national level will receive a UNESCO certificate. All of the national finalists will have a chance to enter the international round, where the drawings will be judged by an independent jury of experts. In May 2014, three drawings per age group will be selected by the jury at the UNESCO Headquarters.

There will be 6 winners, and each of them will receive a UNESCO certificate and a UNESCO medal.

The drawings will be scanned and put online on the UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day webpage:

The drawings will not be returned. UNESCO reserves the right to use them in publications, exhibitions, or as promotional support material. If so used, they will be properly credited with the children’s/school’s name.

Contact: Ian Denison Chief of Publishing and Branding UNESCO 7, place de Fontenoy 75352 Paris 07 SP, FRANCE Tel.: +33(0)1 45 68 23 83


For the students of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom

Download the template  and instructions from here

The completed book covers should reach the library on 19 April 2014 by 8.00a.m.

For more details, contact the Librarian

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