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New Books (25 September 2014)

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001  GRE-H

 Green, Rod

 Hundred military inventionas that changed the world

001  O’B-B

 O’Brien, Terry

 Book of firsts and lasts

028.9  QUE-O

 Queenan, Joe

 One for the books

158.1  CAN-H

 Canfield, Jack

 How to get from where you are to where you want to be: The 25 principles of  success

158.1  GLA-B

 Gladwell, Malcom

 Blink: The power of thinking without thinking

158.1  HAR-T

 Hartness, Jim and Eskelin, Neil

 Twenty four hour turn-around: Discovering the power to change

158.1  JAY-F


 From cripping emotions to can-do attitude

158.1  LOW-H

 Lowndes, Leil

 How to make anyone like you

158.1  PIT-R

 Pittampalli, A L

 Read this before our next meeting

158.1  RAS-C

 Rashmi Bansal

 Connect the dots

158.1  RAS-T

 Rashmi Bansal

 Take me home

158.1  REK-I

 Rekha Shetty

 Innovate happily

158.1  SPE-U

 Spencer-Wendel, Susan

 Until I say good-bye: My year of living with joy

158.3  BAS3

 Nelson-Jones, Richard

 Basic counseling skills: A helper’s manual

158.3  PAT-G

 patnaik, Priyadarshi

 Group discussions and interview skills

303.4  RIT-I

 Rita and Umesh Anand, Ed.,

 Inventive Indians: 23 great stories of change

303.4830954  ABD-M

 Abdul Kalam, A P J and Ponraj, V

 Manifesto for change: A sequel to India 2020

303.4830954  ABD-M

 Abdul Kalam, A P J and Ponraj, V

 Manifesto for change: A sequel to India 2020

322.3  HUN-B6

 Lines, David, Marcouse, Ian, et al

 Business Studies: A-Z handbook

350.0954  ABD-G

 Abdul Kalam, A P J

 Governance for growth in India

371.2  MAR-O


 Open classroom: A journey through education

398  LAU-B

 Lau, Theodora

 Best-loved Chinese proverbs

400  CRY-S

 Crystal, David

 Story of English in 1000 words

421  OBR-T

 Obrien, Terry

 Treasure chest for public speaking

423.1  SIN-I

 Sinha, B B

 Idioms, phrases and one word substitution: For all competitive exams

425  MUR-I2

 Murphy, Raymond

 Intermediate English grammar: Reference and practice for south Asian students

530  SAN-P6

 Sang, David and Chapple, Mike

 Physics: A-Z handbook

530.11  COX-W

 Cox, Brian and Forshaw, Jeff

 Why does E=mc2:(and why should we care?)

540  HUN-C4

 Hunt, Andrew

 Chemistry: A-Z handbook

621.483  TUN-R

 Tuniz, Claudio

 Radioactivity: A very short introduction

741  BAR-F

 Barber, Barrington

 Fundamentals of drawing: A complete professional course for artists

791.437  KUP-H

 Kupsc, Jerek

 History of cinema for beginners

793.73  O’ -F2013

 O’ Brien,Terry

 Fun with puzzles

793.73  TOW-W

 Townsend, Charles barry

 World’s greatest puzzles

808  BIN-H

 Bing, Stanley

 Hundred bullshit jobs and how to get them

808.068  ANA-S1983

 Anand,Mulk Raj

 Some street games of India

808.068  ANA-S1983

 Anand,Mulk Raj

 Some Street games of India

808.068  ARY-D1998


 Discover India:Through Mazes and games

808.068  ARY-D1998


 Discover India:Through Mazes and games

808.068  ARY-N2013


 Neelu And Peelu

808.068  BHO-T2006

 Bhoosnurmath, R S

 Topsy Turvy world

808.068  BHO-T2006

 Bhoosnurmath, R S

 Topsy Turvy world

808.068  BIN-H2012

 Bindra,Jaswinder Kaur

 Holiday…Oh No No…

808.068  BLY-D2011


 Don’t Be silly,Mr Twiddle

808.068  BLY-Y2011


 You’re a Nuisance Mister Meddle

808.068  BRE-T2008


 The Lost World

808.068  BRO-T2008

 Brown,Eric Retold

 The war of the world

808.068  CAR-S2012


 Sammy the Snail

808.068  DEV-W2009


808.068  DEV-W2009


808.068  DIC-G2008


 Great Expectations

808.068  FAR-S2012


 Strange ways of the honey Bee

808.068  FAR-S2012


 Strange ways of the honey Bee

808.068  GOO-H


 Hunchback of Notre Dame

808.068  GRO-M2011


 Marley: Messy Dog

808.068  IYE-C1988


 Cheerful Spirits

808.068  IYE-C1988


 Cheerful Spirits

808.068  JAF-F2013


 Flowers and I

808.068  JAF-F2013


 Flowers and I

808.068  JOS-F2007


 Fu-ku:An Alien

808.068  JOS-F2007

 Joshi, Jagdish

 Fu-ku:An Alien

808.068  JOS-F2011

 Joshi, Jagdish

 Fly High in the Sky

808.068  JOS-W2011

 Joshi, Jagdish

 What Happened

808.068  KEN-T2005


 The best seat in Second Grade

808.068  KHA-T1982

 Khambadkone,Radha M

 The summer tree Contest

808.068  KHA-T1982

 Khambadkone,Radha M

 The summer tree contest

808.068  MAD-T1996

 Madan, H C

 The king who played marbles

808.068  MAD-T1996


 The king who played marbles

808.068  MAN-I1980


 I Like The World

808.068  MAN-I1980


 I Like the World

808.068  MAY-G2008


 Going to the Fire House

808.068  MAY-S2008


 Snow Ball Soup

808.068  MAY-T2009


 The fall festival

808.068  MEH-V2004


 Vikram Betal

808.068  MIN-L1957

 Minarik,Else Holmelund

 Little Bear

808.068  MOT-T1996

 Motihar,Harinder Dhanoa

 The wonderful World of Insects

808.068  MUK-A2013


 Autobiography of a Tree

808.068  NAY-R2011


 Rani LakshmiBai

808.068  PED-M1984


 Mad Mango

808.068  PIE-G2007


 Geronimo Stilton:Geronimo and the gold medal Mystery

808.068  RAM-A2012


 A Happy Sunday(M)

808.068  RAZ-M2002


 Mir space station

808.068  ROH-B2004


 Biography of Saint Kabir Illustrated

808.068  ROH-D


 Dadhimam ki Magedhar kahaniyam(h)

808.068  ROH-D


 Dadhimam ki kahaniyam(h)

808.068  ROH-G2004


 Grimm’s Fairy Tales

808.068  ROH-I2004


 Illustrated Biography Of Chanakya

808.068  SAH-B2013


 Bhakta Salbega

808.068  SAH-B2013

 Sahu,Rabindra Nath

 Bhakta Salbega

808.068  SAH-B2013


 Bhakta Salbega

808.068  SEN-L1995


 Lalu and the Red Kite

808.068  SEN-L1995


 Lalu and the Red kite

808.068  SEN-S1995


 Set me free

808.068  SHA-A2013


 A Midsummer Nights’ Dream

808.068  SHA-M


 Much Ado about Nothing

808.068  SHA-O2013



808.068  SHA-T2013


 The Comedy Of Errors

808.068  SHA-T2013


 The Merchant of Venice

808.068  SHE-A

 Sheila Dhir, Ret


808.068  SIE-N2011


 Never Kick A Ghost :And other silly Chillers

808.068  SKO-D2010


 Detective Dinosaur Undercover

808.068  STR-A2010

 Street,Helen Retold

 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

808.068  VEN-A

 Venugopal, K , retold

 Azhakan, the foolish donkey and other stories

821  GUL-H


 Hundred lyrics

821  GUL-S


 Silences: Selected poems

823  AND-L

 Anderson, Scott

 Lawrence in Arabia

823  AUS-P2010


 Pride and Prejudice

823  BAP-I

 Bapsi Sudhwa


823  BAS-P1959

 Basheer,Vaikom Muhammad

 Pathummayude Adu(M)

823  BAY-G1967


 Great Short  Works Of Leo Tolstoy

823  BLA-D

 Black, Shayla


823  BLY-M2012


 Mysteries Collection:Vol:1:The Mystey of the Burnt Cottage

823  BRA-T

 Braithwaite, E R

 To sir with love

823  BYN-M2010


 Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery

823  CAR-A2012


 Alice Adventures i n Wonder world

823  CAR-L

 Cartwright, Justin

 Lion heart

823  CCR-R

 Ccrane, Stephen

 Red badge of courage

823  DAH-B1984


 Boy tales of Childhood

823  DAH-D1975

 Dahl, Roald

 Dany the Champion Of the World

823  DAH-T1984

 Dahl, Roald

 The BFG

823  DHA-B1983

 Dhal, Roald

 Book Of Ghost Stories

823  DOD-H2002

 Dodge, Mary Mapes

 Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates

823  FIT-G1953

Fitzgerald, FScott

 Great Gatsby

823  GAL-S

 Galbraith, Robert


823  GHO-T2002


 The imam And the Indian

823  GOL-P

 Golding, William

 Pincher Martin

823  GRE-F

 Green, John

 Fault in our stars

823  IND-P

 Indira Parthasarathy

 Poison roots

823  JAI-A

 Jaishree Misra

 Ancient promises

823  KHA-W

 Khadivi, Laleh


823  KIN-W

 Kinney, Jeff

 Wimpy kid: Hard luck

823  MEE-H

 Meera, K R


823  MUK-D2002


 Desirable Daughters

823  OWL-T2013


 The Magic of Hobson Jobson

823  PEI-B

 Peirce, Lincoln

 Bignate: The boy with the biggest head in the world

823  REI-C

 Reilly, Matthew


823  SAL-V2013


 Vanity bagh

823  SAT-E

 Satyarth Nayak

 Emporor’s riddles

823  SHA-J2013


 Julius Ceasar

823  SHE-K

 Sheila Kumar

 Kith and Kin: chronicles of a clan

823  TAG-R

 Tagore, Rabindranath

 Rabindranath Tagore for the 21st century reader

823  TOI-T2012


 The Testament of Mary

823  TOL-B

 Tolkien J R R

 Beowulf: A translation and commentary

823  VAR-P2013


 Past Perfect:Letters to Aditi

823  WAL-R2012

 Walliams, David

 Rat burger

823  WIL-S

 Williams, David


823.01  BLY-B

 Blyton, Enid

 Brer rabbit collection

823.01  BLY-C

 Blyton, Enid

 Circus collection

823.01  DAH-W

 Dahl, Roald


823.01  JAI-O

 Jaishree Misra, Ed.,

 Of mothers and others: Stories, essays, poems

915.4  KRA-I

 Krakauer, John

 Into thin air

920.02  SUN-L

 Sunanda Sikdar

 Life long ago

923.168  LIM-N

 Limb, Peter

 Nelson Mandela

923.173  FRA-A

 Franklin, Benjaman

 Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

923.8  PRA-L

 Prabhat Khaitan

 Life apart: An autobiography

925  ISA-E

 Isaacson, Walter

 Einstein: His life and universe

928.2  SOL-G

 Solanet, Mariana

 Garcia Marquez for beginners

954  NAN-W

 Nandini Nayar

 When children make history: A tale of 1857

954  NAN-W

 Nandini Nayar

 When children make history: A tale of 1857

H  808.068  GAR-G


 Geet Gunjte Akshar (h)

H  808.068  GAR-G2012


 Geet GunjteAkshar (h)

H  808.068  GOV-I2011


 Isro Ki Kahani(h)

H  823  CHA-S2008


 Sampradayikta:Ek Praveshika(h)

H  823  KAS-H1991


 Hamari Sansad(h)

H  823  KUM-M2009


 Manavjati Par Mandrata Sankat(h)

M  808.068  JAI-O2012


 On a Tiger’s Trail(m)

M  808.068  JAI-O2012


 On a Tiger’s Trail(m)

M  808.068  JOH-A2012

 John,Magi P

 Athyagrahikku Pattiya Amaliyum Mattu Jathaka Kathakalum(m)

M  808.068  JOS-T2012


 The Puzzle(m)

M  808.068  JOS-T2012


 The Puzzle(m)

M  808.068  PAU-C2013


 Chuvappu Pencilum Neela Pencilum(m)

M  808.068  PAU-C2013


 Chuvappu Pencilum Neela Pencilum(m)

M  808.068  RAJ-A2000


 Anayum Vandum Koottukaraya Katha(m)

M  808.068  RAJ-A2000


 Anayum Vandum Koottukaraya Katha(m)

M  808.068  RAJ-O2000


 Ompathu Pakshikkunjungal(m)

M  808.068  SAJ-T2001


 The Prince and the coral sea(m)

M  808.068  SAJ-T2001

 Sajan G

 The prince and the coral Sea(m)

M  823  ALI-T1997


 Totto Chan(m)

M  823  ALI-T1997


 Totto Chan(m)

M  823  KUM-J2005


 Jainendrakumarinte Kathakal(M)

M  823  MUK-M1992


 Mayyazhippuzhayute Theerangalil(m)

M  823  POT-O1971

 Pottekkad,S K

 Oru Desathinte Katha(m)

M  823  SHA-V2011


 Vesham Mari Vanna Khaleefa Umarum Mattu Gunapada Kadhakalum(m)

R  929.92  MUM-C

 Mumford, Simon, Ed.,

 Complete flags of the world


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