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KV Pattom Library Blog completes 10 years

Seventeenth September 2007, on this day, ten years back, the KV Pattom Library blog was launched. When it crosses 5.77 Million Hits and is being followed online by nearly 10000 people, let me thank every one for making this experiment a great success.


The popularity gained by the library blog sprouted up many new initiatives which profusely used the power of web 2.0 in teaching and learning. LibZine, the first e-magazine (2008), Home works and Assignments Online (2009), My Dear Book (2009), Library Junction (2010), Blogs created for ‘Gift a Book & Get a Friend’, Read my Buddy, Face a Book Challenge and Career Cell,  Facebook & Twitter pages created for the school and library, Library’s YouTube channel, professional development resources like, ‘Tools for Every Teacher’, ‘School Library Ideas’, Online subject directory, Kendriya Vidyalaya News Digest, and a few more experiments which failed in the beginning.


The library blog was officially launched by Shri D. Manivannan, Education Officer, KVS Chennai Region in the presence of Dr Cicy Roy Mathew, Principal, who was a great source of inspiration and an ardent supporter of all things new. The blog became an online landing point of everything related to KV Pattom. The effectiveness of the blog as a teaching and learning tool and the extend of the reach it could attained made KVS to incorporate this web 2.0 tool in a great  way. Now, maintaining blogs for the library, providing online home works and publishing an e-magazine are mandatory for all Kendriya Vidyalayas around the country.



The library blog, online home works, e-magazine and library junction were first of its kind best practices by any school in India those were later replicated by hundreds of schools around the country. The Online Home works blog helped the school to win the ‘Best integration of Technology in Education Award’ in 2009. ‘Library Junction’ and ‘Face a Book Challenge’ were selected by KVS and NCERT for innovation and Experimentation Awards (2010, 2011 & 2016). The effectiveness of these web 2.0 tools used by the library, especially blogs and social networks, was the subject of study for three M.L.I.Sc Dissertations, One MPhil thesis and eight journal articles/seminar papers with the latest one published in 2017 in the Journal ‘Annals of Library and Information Science’.



I am sure, that the library as an integral entity of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom could support the school in a great way in attaining the top rank as the ‘Best Govt Day School in the Country’ for the third time in a row in 2017.

I sincerely express my thanks to Principals Smt Neerada Suresh, a great academician and poet, Shri C. P. Kumaran, a true gentleman and supporter of all good causes and Shri S. Ajay Kumar, an administrator with a vision and a passionate fan of innovations.

Thanks to all teachers of the Vidyalaya for their cooperation, curiosity 🙂 and support. My professional collegues, mentors and friends, thanks for your comments and suggestions which helped me a lot. Greatful to my family who supported all my wiered ideas and allowed me to spent many nights before my laptop.

Big thanks to KVS for giving me space for all these experiments. Hats off to you WordPress for powering it from behind.

And, dear students of KV Pattom, who have been with me since 2007, on this 10th anniversary, this library blog is rededicated to you.

You are truely inspiring. 🙂

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Meet the Author: Venita Coelho, 21 Sept. 2017


Venita Coelho works with images, words and paint. She is writer who has worked in film, television and literature. She has nine published books to her credit. These include ‘Dead as a Dodo’ which won the Hindu Award for the best fiction for children 2016. ‘Washer of the Dead’ was long listed for the Frank O’Connor award. She is a screenwriter, and is currently working on a film for Raj Kumar Hirani productions. As an artist she works with charcoal and with acrylic paint on glass.

Venita Coelho lives in an old Portuguese house in Goa with four dogs and a cat. She is about to set off on a great adventure – having converted a Tempo traveller into a caravan, she and her daughter are off to travel across India.

Meet Ms Venita Coelho at KV Pattom Library on 21 September 2017 at 10.00 am.

Know more about Venita Coelho

Frankly Speaking with Venita Coelho

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