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Stay@Home Learning Resources

Class and Chapter-wise academic Resources (Audios, Videos, Presentations, Study materials, Questions papers, Class notes, etc) for all classes (1-XII)

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NCERT Textbooks (Class I-XII): Chapter-wise Audio Books


Grade VI

Grade VII

Grade VIII

Grade IX

Grade X

Grade XI

Grade XII

Courtesy: Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET)


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Alternative Academic Calendar by NCERT (Class I-X)

In this period of Covid-19, which is declared as a global pandemic, our teachers, parents, and students have to remain at homes to prevent its spread in the community. In this situation, it is our responsibility to provide them with multiple alternative ways of learning at home through interesting activities. It is necessary because in the present environment of stress we have to not only keep our children busy but also to maintain continuity of their learning in their new classes. In this context, NCERT has developed an Alternative Academic Calendar for all the stages of school education.

1. Alternative Academic Calendar for Students Primary-English
2. Alternative Academic Calendar for Students Primary-Hindi
3. Alternative Academic Calendar for Students Upper Primary-English
4. Alternative Academic Calendar for Students Upper Primary-Hindi
5. Alternative Academic Calendar for Students Secondary-English
6. Alternative Academic Calendar for Students Secondary-Hindi

Courtesy: Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT, New Delhi


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PISA Study materials, Question papers and Handbooks

PISA Study Materials for 2021

  1. PISA 2021 Context Questionnaires Framework
  4. PISA 2021 ICT Framework
  6. PISA 2018 financial literacy By OECD
  7. PISA 2018 Released by OECD Paris
  8. PISA 2015 Cognative Guide by OECD Paris
  9. PISA 2015 Cognative Literacy by OECD Paris

CBSE: PISA Hand Book for Teachers

  1. Teachers Hand Book of Science
  2. Teachers Hand Book of English
  3. Teachers Hand Book of Mathematics

PISA Study Materials VI to X

  1. Take the test e-book materials
  2. English e-book Test materials
  3. Maths e-book Test materials
  4. Science e-book Test materials
  5. PISA Test materials Sample Q Paper
  6. PISA By KPMG Test Materials
  7. Joy full learning Activity

PISA Study Materials Question VI to X

  1. PISA – CCT Final CLASS-6
  2. PISA – CCT Final CLASS 7
  3. PISA – CCT Final CLASS 8
  4. PISA – CCT Final CLASS 9-10
  6. CCT Class IX Mathematical Literacy
  7. CCT Class VI-VIII Scientific Skills
  8. CCT Mathematical Skills
  9. CCT Scientific Skills VI-VIII-4pdf
  10. CCT Scientific Skills VI-VIII.-5pdf
  11. CCT Scientific Skills VI-VIII.-6pdf
  12. CCT Scientific Skills VI-VIII.-7pdf
  13. CCT Scientific Skills VI-VIII
  14. PISA CLASS IX- Scientific Skill
  15. PISA CLASS IX-X Scientific Skills
  17. PISA Scientific Skills
  18. PISA Scientific Skills IX-X
  19. Reading Literacy PISA 2
  20. Reading Literacy Skills PISA-1
  23. Scientific Skills_Pisa_questions_

Class VI & IX SLET Paper

  1. Class VI Maths MCQ Class VI Science MCQ
  2. SLET Class VI Science 2018
  3. SLET Class VI English 2018
  4. SLET Class VI Maths 2018
  5. SLET Class IX English 2018
  6. SLET Class IX Maths 2018
  7. SLET Class IX Science 2018
  8. SLET Class IX Social Science 2018


  1. Class VI Problem Solving Assesment
  3. Microsoft Word – hotsscience.html
  4. PSA-Model-Paper-Class_6
  5. psa-sample-paper-for-class-viipsa-class-7th
  6. PSA Class VII Model paper
  7. problem-solving-assessmentpsa-class-viii-class-8

Courtesy: Collected by S. K. Verma, Librarian, KV Sitapur (U.P)

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‘Eleven Best Readers, their Books, and a Library’ (World Book Day Tribute 2020)

A tribute to the reading culture of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom on World Book Day 2020 by Eleven wonderful readers who completed their schooling during 2012-2019.

Featuring Salini Johnson Neduvelil, Rakshanya Sekar, Prarthana Manoj, Mukulika Radhakrishnan, Anna Rose Antony, Abhijith Narayanan, Kanchana Manilal, Aajma Manoj, Nyma Nazreen, Meera Nazar and Gouri G. L.

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‘Reading for Pleasure School’ Award 2020 to KV Pattom

KV Pattom has won the ‘Reading for Pleasure School Award 2020’ under the ‘India Reading Olympiad’ (IRO) programme organized by Food4Thought Foundation, Hyderabad . Here is a short interview recorded as part of the Award ceremony held during the Hyderabad Literary Festival on 26 January 2020.

Tributes to the Food4Thought Foundation for its remarkable contributions to empowering less privileged communities around the country through propagating the idea of joyful reading and establishing dynamic libraries.

#iro2020 #indiareadingolympiad #food4thought

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Face a Book ‘Stay@Home’ Summer Reading Challenge 2020

A special edition of Face a Book Challenge is launched by KV Pattom Library to help the students and staff effectively use their free time gained during the national lockdown put on due to COVID Pandemic, followed by Summer vacation.
Face a Book ‘Stay @ Home’ Summer Reading Challenge is open to students, staff, and alumni of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom.
Participants may choose any book of their choice for the program.
Registration is online. Register now at
There are three tasks that participants could take on together or separately. You may indicate your choice when register online.
1. If you like to write about the Book, then write a Review and mail it to
2. If you like to talk about the Book, then record a short video of 1-3 minute duration with your mobile phone and WhatsApp to 9447699724
3. If you simply like to read and relax, then take a photo/selfie of you reading the Book and WhatsApp to 9447699724
When you send video and photo/selfie on WhatsApp, include your Name & Class.
Selected reviews, videos, and photos will be published on the website and shared widely on Social Media.
Best entries will also get exciting prizes.
Submit your entries on or before 15 May 2020.

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Reading4Pleasure School 2020

Reading 4 Pleasure School 2020 Award


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