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On the seashore:poem




Oh! God of the sea!

Tell me why

The waves are hammering

The rocks? do tell me

The voice of the street sellers

Doesn’t matter

When the sea waves

Do chatter

Far away somewhere

I can see a line

What everybody calls ‘horizon’

What I call the ‘golden line’

Oh! The God of light

Is sinking

I can hear his call for help

But I don’t know swimming

There….he left us

Leaving a red sea

And a watch man

For night…




[1st Shift]

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My favourite Teacher



The time a student spends in school is the most enjoyable and learning part of his\her life. It decides the future of one’s life. The teachers in the school help us in achieving this. We do all what the teacher tells us to do. My favourite teacher is my English teacher of class 5 in Kendriya Vidyalaya A.F.S Akkulam. Her name is Mrs Shobha. We used to enjoy her class. It was very interesting and also informative. She pointed out our mistakes and encouraged us to do better the next time. She also tells us to do activities in the class such as: One day in our class we made aloo chat it was fun making it in class with madam helping us .With this activity we learned to share and do things together. She used to share her life experiences with us. She used to tell us to do a lot of book reading. She used to never beat anyone but she was very strict .Even now I keep talking to her on the phone for her advice and inspiration.




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“The First Impression”

Once again the month of June is here and the first thing that
comes to our mind is the tiny tots starting school, in fact
acquainting with their second home. The sight of several kids
coming to school clad in brand new uniforms and clutching just-out-
of-the-box school bags with an apparent innocence of ignorance
etched on their faces is indeed curious to watch. As the rains are
about to pour down not in the least dampening the spirits of those
starters at school, a stream of memories of my own first day at
school(which is not my present one) cascade back.
          Having spent my early childhood in nursery schools and
crèches, I never had the feeling of starting afresh when I entered
the wrought-iron gates of a Convent school which was to be my
alma mater. Unlike my counterparts who wore a look of utter
strangeness on their faces, I felt nothing different except wearing a
uniform. We were asked to be seated and then started the show of
the day! All my friends-to-be began crying loudly refusing to leave
their parent’s side. I watched all these proceedings silently and
eventually got to be the model kid whom other parents pointed out
to keep their wards quiet. Soon after, my new teacher joined us.
          As time flew, the smiling face of our teacher, the sweets she
gave and having familiarized with each other, we all made
ourselves at home. The bell rang shrilly for the break. As I finished
the snacks I brought, it started to drizzle, gaining strength after
each minute. I felt as if the rain was beckoning and suddenly,
without thinking twice, I found myself enjoying the first drops of rain
of that month. From a distance I made out the figure of my teacher
pursuing me in my wild attempt. Sensing danger, I ran for the
school garage nearby. As my teacher approached, I had already
climbed halfway one of the long poles supporting the bus shed.
She negotiated with me to come down using threatening words.
Having failed, she got a grip on my pink and white checked frock.
The rest happened in the fraction of a second. Undoubtedly, the
stitch of my frock at the waist gave way and I slid down the pole in
a jiffy. I followed my teacher to the class without a word. All the
time, my classmates who were dangling from the window bars and
some of them with fingers in their mouths resembled orangutans in
a  zoo.                                   
          In the evening, teacher narrated all the goings-on of that day
vividly to my father, making my fears come true. Reaching home, I
received a good telling-off from my father, with my eyes downcast
in the backdrop of absolute muteness. This put an end to the
exhilarating and emotional events of my initial day at school.

Salini Johnson,

Class: X-A,

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