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Face a Book ‘Stay@Home’ Summer Reading Challenge 2020

A special edition of Face a Book Challenge is launched by KV Pattom Library to help the students and staff effectively use their free time gained during the national lockdown put on due to COVID Pandemic, followed by Summer vacation.
Face a Book ‘Stay @ Home’ Summer Reading Challenge is open to students, staff, and alumni of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom.
Participants may choose any book of their choice for the program.
Registration is online. Register now at
There are three tasks that participants could take on together or separately. You may indicate your choice when register online.
1. If you like to write about the Book, then write a Review and mail it to
2. If you like to talk about the Book, then record a short video of 1-3 minute duration with your mobile phone and WhatsApp to 9447699724
3. If you simply like to read and relax, then take a photo/selfie of you reading the Book and WhatsApp to 9447699724
When you send video and photo/selfie on WhatsApp, include your Name & Class.
Selected reviews, videos, and photos will be published on the website and shared widely on Social Media.
Best entries will also get exciting prizes.
Submit your entries on or before 15 May 2020.

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Face a Book Challenge 2020: Registration Open


The Sixth Edition (2020) of the popular summer reading challenge programme of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom Library, Face a Book Challenge has been launched. Interested Students, Teachers and Alumni are invited to join the programme.

Visit the FaB website

FaB 7 Brochure

Register online Now

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‘Face a Book Challenge’ bagged KVS National Innovation & Experimentation Award 2016


‘Face a Book Challenge’ has been selected for the KVS National Innovation and Experimentation Award 2015-’16. Shri Upendra Kushwah,  Honourable Minister of State, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India, presented the award to S. L. Faisal, Librarian and coordinator of the project, in the presence of Shri Prakash Javadekar, Honourable Union Minister of Human Resource Development, at a function held in New Delhi on 15 December 2016.

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Face a Book Challenge Project video launched

Face a Book (FaB) Challenge is a summer reading programme by the Library of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom to promote reading habit during the summer holidays , followed by continuous and yearlong activities to evaluate its effectiveness. Here is the project timeline video. Knoe everything on Face a Book Challenge in 12 minutes 10 seconds.

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Online Registration for FaB 2 (2015-’16) begins

Online registration for the popular summer reading programme, Face a Book (FaB) Challenge has started on 1 April 2015. Know more about the FaB Challenge.

If you are interested to join the Project and become an FaB Challenger, visit the FaB Blog at

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‘Face a Book Challenge’ 2014-’15, the reading and information literacy project, concluded.

“Face a Book (FaB) Challenge” is a reading and information literacy (IL) programme to promote reading habit and develop information literacy skills among students during summer holidays, followed by continuous and yearlong activities and comprehensive evaluation.

FaB Challenge is conceived by the Library of Kendriya Vidyala Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The project was launched in April 2014 and concluded in February 2015. Fifty students from class VI to XII and four teachers were participated in the project and successfully completed all four activities assigned to them.

In the first stage, all participants were given with an option to select their own FaB book from the library. They red the book during the summer holidays and engaged in the assigned activities. The activities include (i) publishing a review of the selected book on the project blog (participants are provided with log in facility to access the blog themselves where they can post contents like reviews, comments, critical analysis, notes, studies and recommendations, etc) (ii) preparation of a scrap book (titled as “My Little Book on_______”, with a review of the selected book, author profile, bibliography, character sketches, new words/phrases, drawings, paintings, quizzes, quotations, images, comments, references, etc.), (iii) shooting and uploading of a one minute video (Booktalk) on the book, and (iv) presenting a programme (skit, play, reviews, etc) based on the book in the school assembly. The participants were known as “FaB Challengers”. Anyone could challenge an FaB Challenger on the selected book.

Evaluation was carried out in each and every stage and eight students were selected as the best performers. Certificates, badges and prizes were presented to the winners and other participants.

You may visit the project blog at to find out how the participants performed.

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‘Face a Book’ (FaB): The Summer Reading Challenge by the KV Pattom Library launched

Face a Book (FaB) Challenge is a summer reading programme by the Library of KV Pattom to promote reading habit during the summer holidays (May-June), followed by  continuous and year long activities to evaluate its effectiveness.

Objectives: The basic objectives of the project are,

  1. to help the students to enjoy reading more and motivate them to read for pleasure
  2. to develop critical reading skills like comprehension, speed, note taking and referencing
  3. to encourage critical thinking, innovation and creativity
  4. to make the students lifelong readers and learners

Project Planning


  1. Fifty (50) students, who study in Class VI to XII  will be selected for the project as FaB Challengers. They will register on the project website.
  2. Fifty Books will be selected from the Library based on their content and the age of the reader.
  3. Each FaB Challenger will be given with a Book.


  1. Each reader has to prepare a scrap book titled as “My Little Book on_______, with a review on the selected book, author profile, bibliography, character sketches, new words/phrases, drawings, paintings, quotations, images, comments, references, etc.
  2. The readers will be provided access to the project blog, where they can post content like reviews, critical analysis, notes, studies and recommendations.
  3. A one minute video of the  FaB Challenger will be shot in which he/she has to present a review of the book. The videos will be uploaded in to the project website.
  4. The FaB Challenger(s) have to present an item on the book(s) in the School Assembly.


  1. A FaB Challenger will act as an authority of the particular book and the author.
  2. All FaB Challengers will be honoured with ‘Fab Challenger’ badges and participation certificates.


  1. All FaB Challengers will be evaluated throughout the Project period and graded accordingly. Based on the performance they will be awarded at the end of the project.


All activities under the project will be evaluated by a group of teachers at specific


FaB Challenge website:


Library Blog:

Facebook Page:

Download the FaB Challenge Brochure:

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