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The Kalam Effect by P.M.Nair: Book Review




In this book,the author describes his experience with ‘Kalam Sir’ that
he had during his time. He describes the humbleness and great qualities
of A.P.J.Abdul Kalam that he recognised while working for him.

A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was known as the "people’s president", and the
correct reason behind this has been penned down in the book.He was the
man who worshipped and believed in God a lot. He had such a strong
belief in n god that,I think, he could communicate with him.

For,once,there was a programme in the Rashtrapati Bhawan,that was to be
visited by  a great mass of people,approximately,2000-3000. That
day,the rain started pouring in the morning. The author i.e; the
secretary started to panic for how the programme would be held. He
talked to Kalam , but he, in response, teasing him, told not to
worry. If it is raining out,we can keep the programme inside. P.M.Nair
went hysterical and told that the Bhawan could hold only 700-800
people. To this, the reply came from the President in a rather cool and calm
way. He smiled and pointed towards the sky through  the window and said "I
have spoken there. Do no worry" And believe it or not, at 5 o’clock the
programme was to be started and the rain had stopped at 4:30 pm!!!
And,as if it was not amply surprising to digest,the rain had started
after the programme.

Well, this is only one of the incidents written in the book.This book
tells a great lot deal about him.I loved this book and would like to
recommend it to all.

Reviewed by

Himabindu Bhardwaj, VIII C

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Digital Fortress by Dawn Brown



Dan Brown

The story revolves around an international decoding organization named NSA (National Security Agency). Their cryptophers prided the organization not only because the NSA was the most secretive and intelligent organization in the world, but also for the $2million   TRANSLTR (the best decoding machine) that they possessed. In the final years of the World War II, when USA dropped the atom bomb in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a boy named Tankado mysteriously survives the war with three fingers in each hand and a layer of skin highly exposed to radiation. He later overcomes all his disabilities and proves his talent in mathematical reasoning and decoding. IN no time he joins the NSA and designed the model of the TRANSLTR along with commander Strathmore. After building the TRANSLTR, commander Strathmore lied to the world that the TRANSLTR was a complete failure that the NSA were devising plans to make it work, while in reality the TRANSLTR was intercepting coded E – mails from terrorists and drug lords, and warned detective agencies like the CIA. But Tankado was against hiding the existence of the TRANSLTR and so he was fired. IN the hope of taking revenge he warned the NSA that he would one day build a coding machine that will confuse even the TRANSLTR. No one paid any heed to him because they knew that according to the Bergofsky principle every code is breakable. What they didn’t know was that one day they would have to take it all back.

Coming to the present, Susan Fletcher wakes up one morning with a call from Strathmore asking her to come over to the NSA in the light of an emergency situation. Strathmore also tells her that he has sent David to Spain to get the belongings of the late Tankado.  Later she finds out that Tankado succeeded in developing not an unbreakable code as they initially suspected but a super powerful worm that was supposed to infiltrate the databanks of the country that destroyed Japan in the final years of the deadliest war ever. As Susan Fletcher tries unsuccessfully to deactivate the worm by inserting possible combinations of the kill code, David obtains Tankado’s ring on which is engraved a puzzle that ultimately leads them to the kill code – 3 (the number of fingers on Tankado’s hand). It has a thrilling climax.

I really liked this science novel. The ideas expressed are profound and exciting. There are many twists and turns in the story which present humorous thoughts and ideas. It is quite ironical to know that such a secretive agency actually exists. Digital Fortress is closer to truth than any of us dare imagine. 


Reviewed by

Firoz Baker, IX A

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Book review: Homecoming by Shashi Warrier


The Homecoming


Shashi Warrier

This is a book I have read recently. The story basically revolves around the moral conflicts as well as the material losses experienced by the people in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Line of Control region. The political side of the story is extremely sensitive as one may defy the arguments put forth by the author in many occasions. And its personal side is quite disturbing. The central character of the story is Javed Sharif, a businessman, based on Bangalore who retires from the family business and decides to settle in his home state Kashmir. As the events unfurl , his homecoming which was expected to be a peaceful one turns out to be a tragic one as his younger son was arrested and alleged to be part of the terrorist activities and elder one betrayed him and left him bankrupted for the rest of his life.

The story beautifully presents the feelings of 3 generations in a family of which one was associated with the freedom movement. It also shows how a family bound by the bond of love disintegrates under changing political and social circumstances . The bleak picture of the indifferent attitude of the authorities to the layman is also well presented . Intertwined with the main theme is the vivid description of the scenic beauty of Kashmir. The author often draws comparison between the scenic beauty and the political unrest prevalent there. In the story the drastic turn of events start in a very auspicious occasion. This story does not end in an optimistic note. Although bloodshed is mentioned in a few places the story has very less elements of violence. This book helps us to judge the so called ‘single reality’ from different perspectives as it is said that there could be more than a single reality.It is a book worth reading as it takes us to a different world from which we would not return till we finish reading it.



Reviewed by

Arya S., XII A

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The Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky


Barbara Delinsky

A white couple just bears a baby akin to an African American in appearance! This undoubtedly raises many eyebrows and some awkward questions too. Yes, this is how the novel The Family Tree authored by Barbara Delinsky starts, throwing in a piece of news for the reader to chew on. As the name suggests, this novel is predominantly about a quest for the roots of a family, following a peculiar development in the lives of the key characters.

This intriguing story reveals a world of blue-blooded, refined class of people placed in distinguishable positions, where the main character Hugh Clarke belongs. But on the other hand, his wife Dana had lost her mother at a very young age and found her peace of mind at The Stitchery owned by her grandmother. As soon as her African-American-resembling girl child is born, her world turns upside down with a variety of responses coming from her acquaintances, some comforting yet some too bitter. And there starts a tale of pursuit to dig up the details of her ancestors who might have been African-Americans or in other words, to bring out her family tree which was way too obscure to get hold of.

Barbara Delinsky has done a good job in weaving a tale of suspense with an incredible climax. She has tried to convey her thoughts on the racial prejudice existing even today in America. Some of the whites who feign to cling on to ideals against racism have been vehemently ridiculed by the author. Be sure to check out The Family Tree to get to know more about people who clasp faith even in the hardest of testing times.

Reviewed by

Salini Johnson, XI A

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Catch 22 : Book review



Catch-22 is like no other novel I have read.Though it is stereotyped as a comedy, it has action,and other stuff. It has attained the status of a modern classic, at least in American Literature.Just as a fact it has added a new word in the Dictionary.

Right in the middle of a war stuck is our hero Yosarian. Well this is guy isn’t like any ordinary war book hero. Instead of fightng of enemies, he makes plans of escpaing the war. This book follows his efforts in making inventive attempts to save his skin from the countlses people who don’t even know him, are trying to to kill him.Well his efforts are quite understandble.Yet if our hero ateempts to excuse himself from the missions, he is trapped by the Great Loyality Oath Crusade, the sinister yet funny beureauratic rule from which comes the name of the book: “A man is considerecd insane if he is willing to fly all the Dangerous Missions, but if he tries to excuse himself of this mission he is consiered Sane and therefore inegligble to be relived.

Taking a philosphical look on the book, the book is a “microcosm of the tewntieth-century as it might look dangeruosly Sane”

On the bottom line this is one book for all the readers of comedy and american litterature.You can get this book in our library.So what are you waiting for get the book!!




Shift I


The author of this review can be contacted in his blog




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Indian institute of technology commonly known as IIT is probably the dream college of those who aspire to be the engineers of tomorrow who are on a     heartbreaking race to tackle the entrance giant IIT-JEE.The participants of this race are building up dream castles on the plans which they intend to put into practice if they ever make it into an IIT. But there is an IITan who didn’t think about what to do at a n IIT, but what not to do at an IIT. That is none other than CHETAN BHAGAT who swept out the hearts of millions of young readers all over the world through his debut venture FIVE POINT SOMEONE.

The story unwinds in one of the prestigious campuses of our country:IIT Delhi. The campus is an inbuilt city with various departments,staff quarters,hospitals and round the clock functioning library and above all a bunch of students who breathe in science instead of oxygen. The story is about three friends Hari, Ryan and Alok.The story unfolds through the eyes of Hari.Like every new student who enter IIT , the too had a bundle of dreams and a vision about the life they are going to live.But everything collapse when they receive their first grades. Despite their brains they always remained at the bottom of the class with the grades between 5 and6. That’s how the title came ‘5 point someone’.

The novel is about their strenuous efforts to raise their grades to acceptable level without any considerable hard work. They devised ways to fool around Profs. , bunk classes, to mess up assignments etc etc etc. Ryan, who is a born leader, is a handsome, well built guy who comes up with bright innovative ideas which are blindfolded followed by his friends even though they end up in trouble.

The trio enjoyed their IIT life to the maximum , but the trouble came when the exams were at the doorsteps. As a last resort they decided to get hold of the exam question papers. They were caught in the act,suspended and their lives were ruined.

But they completed their course with the help of Prof.Veera.

Chetan has successfully portrayed the cool attire of today’s youth in his book.It is a must read for those who love cool books…


  Reviewed by




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Innocent Man: Review


The book the confesses the innocence of Ron Williamson who is accused of a murder in the town of Ada.Debbie Carter is a cocktail tendor who is found murdered in an apartment one night.Ronnie who has failed very badly in his is at last being accused because the cops didn’t find the real culprit.This was mainly because Ron was druggist,drunkard and a women chaser.He proved his excellence in baseball in his younger age but loses touch as he grew older.He is being sent to jail for 11 years for a murder which he has not commited.John Grisham has explained Ron’s excellence in Baseball too much.That is one of the worst drawbacks of this book.Any reader will lose interest in the book.But if u skip those pages your interest will be regenerated.It is a very good book which u should read and enjoy!!!


Reviewed by


IX D (Shift-I)

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“The Seven Promises Of Eragon Shadeslayer And Saphira Bjartskular” :

“Oaths Sworn…..

Loyalties Tested….

Forces Collide.”

KVETHA FRICAYA, Greetings Friends,

Eragon, Eldest & now Brisingr.

To those new to the Inheritance Series:

It’s written by Christopher Paolini a world wide best Selling Author whose debut book was Eragon. The Inheritance Series is a story about a farm boy Eragon who one day finds a dragon Saphira which changes his destiny. This is set in the middle ages and the land controlled by an evil king Galbotrix and his dragon Shruikan. People who enjoyed the Lord of the Rings Series will like this series even more.

And Now Back To Brisingr:

In this book Eragon finds himself in sticky situation where his loyalties are tested.

Back from the Burning Plains where he leaves Nasusda and the Varden battle the army of Galbotrix he is now in rescue mission to save Katrina with Roran.

In this book you will find more about Eragon’s parentage, his new sword and shocking climax which ends in a death of a character or to be more precise the death of two characters. This proves the mettle of Christopher Paolini talent as a Fantasy Fiction Writer. Though his decision of a new book is welcome one can hope that its (IV book) dictionary of ancient language has more word meanings since some of the words are ignored in Brisingr.

For more just get to the Library and take the book Brisingr or login to Landmark Online shopping and buy it for just Rs 400.

Till then “Atra gulia un ilian tauthr ono un attar ono waise skoliro fra rauthr” Or “May luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune”.

Reviewed By



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JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte


Charlotte Bronte

“Jane Eyre” is a well-turned tale spun exquisitely by Charlotte Bronte. This work of fiction is all about a young girl, Jane Eyre who is an orphan and who had the misfortune to spend some part of her life with her spiteful benefactress. The story continues with her finding a new life at a charity school, Lowood. Helen Burns, Jane’s friend at school, who has a divine nature, helps Jane get on with her hardships by making her believe that ‘she will be judged on her true inner goodness alone when she dies’.

After some years, Jane finds herself working as a governess at a distant house. It is a turning point in her life when she falls in love with Mr. Rochester there. At this juncture, one feels that this is where the real story began as the plot is entirely different from where we started. At long last, after disastrous as well as pleasant incidents in Jane’s life the novel ends with a happy note.

I was enraptured by the seemingly simple yet suspense-filled nature of the book. Not a moment passed when I was not reading each word with bated breath. I feel that Charlotte Bronte, who first published “Jane Eyre” under the pseudonym Currer Bell, is one of the best woman authors ever. It is a treasured book for all who have at least once tasted the consummate skill of Charlotte Bronte.

Reviewed by

Salini Johnson

Class: X-A

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Book Reviews by students




 Jayashree Misra

 Penguin Books, New Delhi
One feels an array of emotions after reading Ancient Promises by Jayashree Misra. The novel starts with Janaki, the protagonist, muse over her life on the occasion of the ending of her marriage. From there, we are taken into Janu’s flashback reaching her eighteenth birthday.    
 On that day, she was married to a rich businessman in Kerala. The difficulty of getting accustomed to a new and strange house, a passive husband, a forbidding mother-in-law and various people of the household is narrated in a scintillating style. Janu again welcome us to her past schooldays as a teenage girl where she fell in love with a boy of her age, Arjun.   
 From the book’s pages, one can gather that Janaki was a typical Delhi girl of Malayali origin who was torn between the cultures of New Delhi and Kerala. Coming back to her married life, Janu lived with her husband’s big joint family for ten years where she was often the subject of her mother-in-law’s nasty comments. Among those tiring years, she became the mother of a baby girl, Riya, who unfortunately grows to be a mentally handicapped child.  
For her daughter’s sake, Janu makes it to a British University with scholarship for a course in Special Education. Unexpectedly, she bumps into Arjun which marks a turning point in her life. At last, after many bitter experiences, she manages to quit her marital life for good.  
The novel centers on the relationship between Janu and her daughter which arouses pity in the reader. The biggest surprise yet comes when we read the author’s note where Jayashree Misra reveals that her novel is semi-autobiographical. This story is beautifully told because of which I was glued to its pages. Read to find out more.
Reviewed by
Salini Johnson
Class: IX-A

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Book reviews by students

Two of a kind-Two’s a crowd


We all must be knowing about the fabulous and cool twins Ashley and Mary Kate.Ashley a ballet lover and Mary loves sports.mary is forced to take a huge yawn whenever she thinks about ballet programmes. But now she has to go to the ballet organized by “The Todd taylor Dance company”. Fortunately, their common friend Nicole agrees to take the ticket and go with Ashley for the ballet.After the programme they became best friends.

Ashley is spending all her time with Nicole and  Mary feels totally left out. She wants to get rid of Nicole. And she kmows how to do it.And the story goes on….

Reviewd by

Malathy C.

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Book reviews by students


News of a kidnapping


Gabriel Garcia Marques

This book is a piece of remarkable investigative journalism made all the more brilliant by the author’s talent for magical story telling. The ideas are very well organised mixed with suspense, emotions,thrill and happiness.

My favourite character in this story is Beatriz becausewhen the kidnappers inform her that she was kidnapped by mistake and that she can leave the place immediately. But she replies without any hesitation that she will not leave Maruja , her sister- in-law, alone and that she will accompany her in all her difficult situations. Beatriz was not selfish and her decision was brave and generous. So, I admire the character.

Read this thrilling story.

Reviewed by
Sreeja Menon

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Reviews by students


Jack and the Beanstalk

It will be hard to find a child who hasn’t heard of this book. The reason is quite simple. Most of us have gone to bed hearing this story from our parents at night when we were kids. Needless to say, this age-old story is one of my favourite fairy tale.

In this much cherished tale a boy called Jack heppens to get hold of some magic beans which marks a trenendous change in his life. the beans develop into a huge beanstalk overnight and hence is called magical. In the later part of the book, Jack climbs the giant beanstalk and reaches a huge castle. The incidents that follow are described in a very interesting manner which would lure even an adult to stick to the pages. the story goes on with Jack’s many encounters in the castle up the beanstalk.The story ends with a happy note-“all is well that ends well”.

Reviewed by

Salini Johnson, IX-A

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