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Harry Potter Quiz 2018: Winners


First: Gayathri Sankar, 11 C

Second: Gauri Manoj, 9 C

Third: Meera Nair, 10C


First: Neeraja Unnikrishnan, 8A

Second: Unnikrishnan H, 7B

Third: Aditya Krishnan, 7 A & Kailasnath G . L., VII B



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Paint a Story: Winners


Position Name Class & Div.
FIRST Rhetika X A
SECOND Binisha Robert X C
THIRD Gouri Manoj IX C




Position Name Class & Div.
FIRST Aneena Lisa Thomas VII C
SECOND Abeni Ansalan VIII B
THIRD Ansa Fathima VI A
THIRD Gayathri Manoj VII A

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Reader of the Year Awards 2017-’18

  1. Class VI : Aneena Lisa Thomas, VI C
  2. Class VII : Neeraja Unnikrishnan, VII A
  3. Class VIII : Sreelakshmi S P. VIII A
  4. Class IX : Aadithya Mohan M. S., IX D
  5. Class X : Jemimah James, X B
  6. Class XI : Girish V. S., XI B
  7. Class XII : Gayathri B, XII D

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Book Jacket Designing Contest: Winners

First: Ajeesha A. M., VIII D

Second: (1) Sreelakshmi S. P., VIII A (2) Kailasanathan, VIII C

Third: (1) Kalyani Santhosh, IX C (2) Rhithuparna, IX C


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NLW Quiz on Books & Authors: Winners

First: Binisha Robert, IX C

Second: Kalyani Santhosh, IX C

Third: Meera Nair, IX C

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Harry Potter Quiz 2017: Winners

First: Ms Archita Nandakumar, XA

Second: Ms Gayathri Sankar, X D

Third: Ms Neeraja, VII A

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Reading Day Essay Competition: Winners

First: Mayookha S. Lekshmi, X D

Second: 1. Athulya R, XD          2. Lekshmy Deyal, X D

Third: Ashika Mohan, XD



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Reading Day Quiz 2017: Winners

First:Gauri Manoj, VIII C

Second: Nikita Nair S., VII D

Third: Ayen Hashmi, VIII A

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International Bookmark Exchange Programme 2016: Winners

First                      : Lekshmi Dayal, XI A

Second                 : (1)Megha S. S., IX D (2) Nithya S. Warrier, VIII C

Third                    :

(1) Theertha N. R, IX D (2) Gopika Krishnan, VII D (3)Theertha Praveen, IX D

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NLW 2016: Essay Writing Competition; Winners

Essay Writing Competition

Topic: “Why do I Read”

Position Name, Class & Division
First Abhi Krishnalal, XI E
Second Subhalekshmi M S, XI C
Third Ambika Devi, XII E & Nandana J. IX B

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