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Total number of books as per the stock register : 25,077

Number of books physically present : 16,676

*as  on 31/08/2010

New Books added from 01/04/2010  to 31/08/2010 : 288

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  1. Time
  2. Newsweek


  1. Frontline
  2. Outlook
  3. India Today
  4. The Week
  5. Business India
  6. Reader’s Digest
  7. Women’s Era
  8. Sarita (Hindi)
  9. Grihashobha (Hindi)
  10. Yojna
  11. Wisdom


  1. Mathrubhumi weekly
  2. Malayalam weekly


  1. Competition Success Review
  2. Junior Science Refresher
  3. Competition Refresher
  4. Competition Master
  5. Pratiyogita Darpan (Hindi)
  6. Civil Service Chonicle
  7. G.K.Today
  8. G.K.Refresher
  9. Biology Today
  10. Chemistry Today
  11. Physics For You
  12. Mathematics Today
  13. Education Today for IX, XII
  14. Labour India for Class IX,X,XI,XII


  1. Journal of Indian Education
  2. Primary Teacher
  3. Primary Shikshak (Hindi)
  4. Journal of Value Education
  5. School Science
  6. Indian Educational Abstracts
  7. Indian Educational Review


  1. Scientific American
  2. National Geographic
  3. Geo Junior
  4. Science Reporter
  5. Knowledge Quest
  6. Geo
  7. Dream 2047
  8. Down to Earth
  9. Terra Green
  10. Resonance
  11. Current Science


  1. Career 360
  2. Employment News


  1. Digit
  2. Electronics For You
  3. Computer Active


  1. Sportstar


  1. Children’s World
  2. News N’ More
  3. Wisdom
  4. Gokulam
  5. Twinkle
  6. The Youngest
  7. Champak(Hindi)
  8. Champak(English)
  9. Children’s Digest
  10. PCM Children’s Magazine
  11. Magic Pot
  12. Tell Me Why?
  13. Knowledge Quest


  1. Bharat Scouts and Guides

Total number of subscribed Magazines : 67


  1. KVS Quarterly Journal
  2. Sangam
  3. KVS Quarterly Newsletter
  4. Pallav


  1. Bhagirath (CWC)
  2. Digital Learning
  3. Mentor
  4. Executive Knowledge Lines
  5. Keral jyoti
  6. Education Digest
  7. World Informa (UNESCO)
  8. Akshay Urja (MoNRE)
  9. Kerala Calling
  10. NBT Newsletter
  11. Biotech Magazines



1. The Hindu-3copies

2. The New Indian Express-3 copies

3. Business Line

4. Navbharat Times (Hindi)

5. Mathrubhumi(Malayalam)

6. Malayala Manorama(Malayalam)




  • Young World(The Hindu)
  • Career Plus(The New Indian Express)
  • Education Plus(The Hindu)




  • Class XII (2006 , 2007 , 2008, 2009,2010)
  • Class XI (2006 , 2007 & 2008,2009,2010)
  • Mathematics Olympiad, 2008




  • Know Your English
  • Science and Technology
  • Information Technology

    0001/ English grammar: level 2

    0002/ Science experiments

    0003/ English grammar: Level 1

    0004/ Spoken english. Vol.2

    0005/ Power vocabulary

    0006/ Smart science: Age 6-8 years

    0007/ Educational activities: Age 4-5 years

    0008/ Phonics activities for ages 6-7

    0009/ Learn science: Age 4-10 yrs

    0010/ Learn science: Age 4-10 yrs

    0011/ Internet fundamentals

    0012/ Buzzers rapid maths

    0013/ Buzzers general knowledge quiz

    0014/ Discovery channel school: Solar system

    0015/ Discovery channel: Earth quakes

    0016/ Discovery channel: Space exploration

    0017/ Discovery channel: Nano technology

    0018/ Discovery channel: AIDS ending the epidemic

    0019/ Kerala: The green symphony.Ver.2

    0020/ Symphony celestial: Concise edition vol.1

    0021/ Symphony celestial: Concise edition vol.2

    0022/ Encarta 2007

    0023/ Encyclopaedia Britannica,  No.1

    0024/ Encyclopaedia Britannica,  No.2

    0025/ Encyclopaedia Britannica,  No.3

    0026/ Encyclopaedia Britannica,  No.4

    0027/ Encyclopaedia Britannica,  No.5

    0028/ Encyclopaedia Britannica,  No.6

    0029/ Manorama entrance winner, Medical:  No.1 Physics

    0030/ Manorama entrance winner, Medical:  No.2 Chemistry

    0031/ Manorama entrance winner, Medical: No.3 Biology

    0032/ Manorama entrance winner: Engineering, No.1 Physics

    0033/ Manorama entrance winner: Engineering, No.2 Chemistry

    0034/ Manorama entrance winner: Engineering, No.3 Mathematics

    0035/ To their credit

    0036/ Taj mahal: Beyond the love story

    0037/ ABC of water pumping efficiency

    0038/ Treads of life

    0039/ Uttam urja

    0040/ Global warming

    0041/ Shifting powers

    0042/ Rural resources

    0043/ Give us a life please

    0044/ Daughters of the soil

    0045/ Where is my dinner?

    0046/ An area of darkness

    0047/ Forests

    0048/ Learning to dream again

    0049/ Earth we see and earth we want

    0050/ New prescription

    0051/ Water ignites life and hope

    0052/ Tales of Mulla

    0053/ Rhymes on fruits and vegitables

    0054/ Shakespeare stories-5: Animated stories

    0055/ Little angels rhymes

    0056/ Life and moral stories of Mahatma Gandhi

    0057/ Classic adventures

    0058/ Budha: A life story

    0059/ Birbal the wise, Vol 2

    0060/ Good manners

    0061/ Moral stories

    0062/ Tenali Raman, Vol.1

    0063/ Play school, 3

    0064/ My first words

    0065/ Stories of Vikram Betal

    0066/ Grandma tales

    0067/ Folktales of India

    0068/ Vikram and Betal

    0069/ Alibaba and 40 thieves

    0070/ Indian festivals and culture

    0071/ Learn with fun: Maths, 4-8 yrs

    0072/ English literature and MCB for classes IX and X

    0073/ Keli: The symphony of love

    0074/ Viraha: the symphony of separation

    0075/ Kaivalya: the symphony of meditation

    0076/ Varsha:rain melodies

    0077/ Sadaram

    0078/ Once upon a time

    0079/ Stories for growth: Adventures of Krishna – Balram

    0080/ stories for growth : Pearls from Panchatantra

    0081/ Beauty and beast

    0082/ The mahabharata

    0083/ Manorama Knowledge adventure

    0084/ Disney’s Maths quest

    0085/ learn to speak english essentials

    0086/ Learn to speak English essentials  CD-2

    0087/ Presentation and public speaking

    0088/ English for 9th std. 3 Cd in one set. (Set 1)

    0089/ English for Class 9th – CD 2

    0090/ English 9th Class – CD2 – Exam

    0091/ English for class 7th (2CDs)

    0092/ English for 7th – Exam

    0093/ Science for Class 7th (2Cd in one set)

    0094/ Science for 7th -Exam

    0095/ English for 6th (2 CD in 1 set)

    0096/ English for 6th – Exam

    0097/ English for 4th Class (2 CD in 1 set)

    0098/ English for 4th – exam

    0099/ English for 3rd class(set of 2 cds)

    0100/ English for 3rd Class – Cd 2

    0101/ Maths for 3rd Class (2 CDs in 1 set)

    0102/ Maths for 3rd Class – CD2

    0103/ English Class 3rd

    0104/ English for 4th Class

    0105/ Environmental Science Class 2

    0106/ Environmental Science for Class 2

    0107/ English for Class I

    0108/ Englsih for Class I

    0109/ Environmental Science for Class I

    0110/ Environmental Science for class I

    0111/ Kids Education Pack (set of 7 CDs)

    0112/ Kids Education pack -2

    0113/ Kids Education pack – Learn maths

    0114/ Kids Education pack – 4 Learn maths

    0115/ Kids Education pack – 5 learn Science

    0116/ Kids education pack : Learn Science CD 2

    0117/ KidsEducation pack : Play  ‘N’ learn

    0118/ Buzzers 501 essential letters

    0119/ Communication skills

    0120/ Power vocabulary

    0121/ india Festival

    0122/ India Mystica

    0123/ Personality development

    0124/ Journey through India

    0125/ Famous personalities of the world

    0126/ Famous personalities of the world

    0127/ 101 Science experiments

    0128/ 101 Science experiments CD 2

    0129/ History of India

    0130/ History of India Cd 2

    0131/ Vegetable rhymes

    0132/ Nursery Rhymes

    0133/ Nursery rhymes

    0134/ Human body

    0135/ Human body CD 2

    0136/ Anmel Bal geeth (H)

    0137/ Learn Hindi

    0138/ Baaja

    0139/ Bandu Boxer

    0140/ Chota Sipahi

    0141/ Chutkan Ki Mahabharat

    0142/ Choo Lenge Akash

    0143/ Dweep ka rahasya

    0144/ Ek ajooba

    0145/ The goal

    0146/ Gilli Gilli Atta

    0147/ Hallo

    0148/ Haathi ka andaa

    0149/ Heda Hoda

    0150/ Pass kabhi fail

    0151/ Karamati coat

    0152/ katt Kad kaddu

    0153/ Mujhse dosti karoge?

    0154/ Nandu ka Raja

    0155/ Nani maa

    0156/ Rhino

    0157/ Rikki Tikki Tavi

    0158/ Sixer

    0159/ Yeh hai chakkod bakkad bumbe bo

    0160/ Sikandar

    0161/ Sunday

    0162/ Chirayu

    0163/ Lagi Sharth

    0164/ Pehle aap

    0165/ Uranchoo

    0166/ Dream Journey – Fusion

    0167/ Hindustani Classical Music (Instrumental)

  • Britannica Quiz Master
  • Oxford Talking Dictionary
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Shri Ezhacheri Ramachandran, poet and lyricist inaugurates the World Book Day celebrations 2012

Shri Ezhacheri Ramachandran, poet and lyricist inaugurates the World Book Day celebrations 2012

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The World at Our Fingertips: The Connection Between Touch and Learning,Scientific American, Sept. 2010; Gulf oil spill, National Geographic, Oct. 2010; In their own language, Energy management in schools, Sangam, January 2010; What’s in your Honey? Down to Earth, Sept.15-30,2010;50 Secrets Your Child’s Teacher Won’t Tell You, Reader's Digest, Sept. 2010, Top 10 witches, Time, Sept.15, 2010

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  • Installation of Pope Benedict XVI: 24 April 2005 - This Day in History
    On this day in 2005, Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger), successor to John Paul II, formally assumed his position as the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church during a mass in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City.More Events on this day:1967: Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov became the first man to die during a space mission when his spacecraft becam […]
  • Barbra Streisand: Biography of the Day
    Barbra StreisandAmerican entertainer Barbra Streisand—one of the most popular singers of her generation, a star of stage and screen (especially in musicals), and one of the most powerful women in show business—was born this day in 1942.
  • Concise Encyclopedia Book and CD-ROM: Special Price from The Britannica Store
    For RSS subscribers The Britannica Store presents a special 20% discount on the Concise Encyclopedia and free CD-ROM. This thoroughly revised and expanded edition of Britannica's most popular publication worldwide is a one-volume encyclopedia containing 28,000 articles accompanied by colorful photographs, diagrams, maps, and flags. The Britannica Concis […]

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  • World Book Day 2014: Jaishree Misra to interact with students at the ‘Meet the Author’ session
    Image courtesy: Saurabh Dua Jaishree Misra, well known author of seven best selling novels, the Ancient Promises, Rani, Afterwads, Secrets and Lies, Secret and sins, Scandalous secret, and Accidents like Love and Marriage, will interact with students of Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) Pattom, on April 22 at 10.00 am at the ‘Meet the Author’ session, organized […] […]
  • The Sari Shop
    by Rupa Bajwa The story revolves around a salesman Ramchand who works for a sari shop. Ramchand’s charactar is similar to that of any common Indian youth who strives hard for a living and is unable to voice many of his feelings.This story that revolves around Amritsar gives a clear picture of the upper and […]
  • The Kalam Effect
    by P.M.Nair In this book,the author describes his experience with ‘Kalam Sir’ that he had during his time. He describes the humbleness and great qualities of A.P.J.Abdul Kalam that he recognised while working for him. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam was known as the "people’s president", and the correct reason behind this has been penned down in the […]
  • Digital Fortress by Dawn Brown
    By Dan Brown The story revolves around an international decoding organization named NSA (National Security Agency). Their cryptophers prided the organization not only because the NSA was the most secretive and intelligent organization in the world, but also for the $2million   TRANSLTR (the best decoding machine) that they possessed. In the final years of th […]

Meet Jaishree Misra !!!

Ms Jaishree Misra, the author of 'Ancient Promises' and 'Rani', to interact with students at the 'Meet the Author' session on 22 April 2014.

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  • World Book Day 2014: Jaishree Misra to interact with students at the ‘Meet the Author’ session
    Image courtesy: Saurabh Dua Jaishree Misra, well known author of seven best selling novels, the Ancient Promises, Rani, Afterwads, Secrets and Lies, Secret and sins, Scandalous secret, and Accidents like Love and Marriage, will interact with students of Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) Pattom, on April 22 at 10.00 am at the ‘Meet the Author’ session, organized […] […]
  • KV Pattom Golden Jubilee 2014: Inviting Ideas from Students, Alumni & Parents
    S. No Activity What you have to do? 01 Ideas for Golden Jubilee Year (What we can do during the year?) Ideas for Programmes, activities and Events Last date: 15 Feb. 2014 Write your ideas in a piece of paper and drop it into the box  kept in the Library or mail to   […]
  • KV Pattom celebrated 50th Annual Day
    KV Pattom Annual Day 2013: Album 1 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Achuthsankar S, Nair, Head, Department of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, University of Kerala, inaugurated the 50th Annual Day celebration of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom on 12 December 2013. He distributed awards and prizes to meritorious students. Ms. S. Neerada, Principal chaired th […]
  • KV Pattom to celebrate 50th Annual Day on 12 Dec. 2013
    Dr. Achuthsankar S. Nair, Head, Department of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, University of Kerala will inaugurate the 50th Annual Day celebration of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom, Shift-I at 9.00 am on 12th December 2013. Rishiraj Singh IPS, Transport Commissioner & ADGP, Kerala will inaugurate the 10th Annual Day celebrations of Kendriya Vidyal […]
  • ‘Gift a Book & Get a Friend’: KV Pattom students gifted books to Govt U. P. S. Palkulangara and got friends too.
    The students of Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom gifted books to the children of Govt. U. P. S. Palkulangara and make them their friends, under the newly launched social responsibility initiative “Library-Social Connect”. The programme, “Gift a Book and Get a Friend” held on the other day6th December 2013, was aimed to provide students with better opportunities […] […]
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