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World AIDS Day 2009


December 01 is World AIDS Day

Universal Access and Human Rights is the theme for World AIDS Day 2009-2010.

World AIDS Day, 1 December, is one of the most recognised international health days and a key opportunity to raise further awareness in communities and across the world about the state of the pandemic, and critical next steps that must be taken to halt its spread.


The theme

Universal Access and Human Rights

The – I AM theme


The World AIDS Campaign arrived at the selection of the theme Universal Access and Human Rights after close consultation with representatives of various constituencies, communications and media representatives of partner organizations, and friends of the World AIDS Campaign.

Why I AM?

Understanding HIV and AIDS from a human rights perspective can be difficult. Human rights are often misunderstood and can sometimes be seen as abstract ideals with not much practical relevance for real people. The slogans for the World AIDS Day materials were designed to bridge that gap and underscore the importance of awareness of Human Rights.

Among the key slogans adopted:
I am accepted.
I am safe.
I am getting treatment.
I am well
I am living my rights.
Everyone deserves to live their rights
Right to Live
Right to Health
Access for all to HIV prevention treatment care and support is a critical part of human rights.

The aim was to provide concise, informative texts designed to illustrate the relationship between Human Rights and Universal Access.

Supporting materials are now available in campaigning packages (four posters and two post cards) printed in English, Spanish, French and Russian. These are also be available to download from our website. Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi and Portuguese versions are also available to download from our website.

Background to the theme ‘Universal Access and Human Rights’


Get Involved

Why should you get more actively involved with the WAC?

The WAC was established to support and promote a global campaign on HIV and AIDS. The campaign strengthens and connects together many of the AIDS-related advocacy and campaigns happening in our countries and regions – each are supported by a multitude of groups who are demanding that their governments and other key stakeholders deliver on previous promises and commitments on HIV and AIDS.

The civil society-led WAC campaign targets politicians and policy-makers countries most affected by HIV as well as donor governments, international agencies such as those of the United Nations, as well as civil society. It supports people and organisations to work together more closely, unite and soundly advocate at the national and international levels, so the campaign can deepen the partnership for a stronger response to AIDS.

The WAC hopes to build on the diverse strengths and contribution of individuals and organisations by first encouraging them to pledge their own leadership in the response to HIV and AIDS. . Organisations who register as partners have an important role to play also by influencing national leaders. The campaign stresses that individuals and organisations can make a difference through personal pledges, statements of commitment, and by taking action to reverse the epidemic. Added together, these commitments can also make governments realise that a wide range of people and organisations care about HIV and AIDS and want to be part of an effective response.

How to get involved:

Sign up for the newsletter and action alerts

Get involved with local civil society campaigns

Use our campaign tools in your own campaigns


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More Resources


HIV/AIDS Polulation  Statistics

National AIDS control Organization, India (NACO)

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