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1. The new chairman of the Nasscom Executive Council for 2011-12 is…?

2. Social-bookmarking service Delicious, owned by Yahoo!, was recently purchased by AVOS. Who are the founders of AVOS?

3. In the context of Firefox, what are ‘Azure’ and ‘ionMonkey’?

4. Name the new CEO of Infosys.

5. Which entertainment giant’s network suffered a security breach of the personal data of more than 75 million customers leading to lawsuits and major embarrassment, recently?

6. Which Indian Financial technology company has entered the cloud computing space by investing in the digital identity authentication services provider IdenTrust?

7. What is GigaPan Time Machine?

8. Apple is said to have paid $4.5 million to Sweden-based Xcerion to acquire what domain name?

9. Which ‘avian’ game released by Gamevil Games recently topped Apple’s App Store?

10. What is the purpose of MIT’s new software CanDo?



1. Rajendra Pawar.

2. YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

3. The in-the-works graphics engine and JIT compiler.

4. S.D. Shibulal.

5. Sony PlayStation Network.

6. Polaris Software Lab.

7. It is Google’s new initiative that “enables simultaneous exploration of space and time across massive datasets that could not previously be interactively explored at full spatial and temporal resolution.”

8. iCloud.

9. Air Penguin.

10. It brings the design strategy called DNA Origami to the masses.


Courtesy: V.V. Ramanan

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Cyber Quiz



1. Name the actor behind, a site that lets artists collaborate on a film and have a share in the profits if something commercially viable is made.

2. To which much-requested domain name did ICANN finally give its conditional approval?

3. After the N8, Nokia is to replace the Symbian OS in its smartphones with which OS?

4. ‘Etherlink’ released by 3Com was the first….?

5. Expand the acronym PowerPC, the RISC architecture created by the AIM alliance in the early 1990s.

6. Which company was named after a water body that ran behind the home of its co-founder in Los Altos, California?

7. How many terabytes in a zettabyte?

8. What is grown on the two fully grown plots of land when one starts to play FarmVille?

9. Whose tagline is ‘quietly brilliant’?

10. Which game is recognised by the Guinness World Records as the world’s most popular free MMORPG?



1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (for porn sites).

3. MeeGo.

4. Ethernet card.

5. Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC – Performance Computing.

6. Adobe.

7. One billion!

8. Eggplant and strawberries.

9. HTC.

10. RuneScape.

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Quiz Time



1. On this date in 1896, which major event made its ‘modern’ appearance, 1503 years after the last one?

2. Name the term, used commonly in context of a superhero’s identity, which comes from the Latin for ‘the other I’?

3. On which river is the contentious Nimo Bazgo Dam scheduled to come up?

4. If Sony makes the PS3, who makes the Game Boy series of gaming consoles?

5. Whose arch-enemy in literary fiction was Professor James Moriarty?

6. Which is the only country that is crossed by both the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn?

7. What is the capital of the country in which the famous volcano Cotopaxi is located?

8. How many standard cricket pitches, laid out end-to-end, would cover two furlongs?

9. Which team has won the Ranji Trophy the most number of times?

10. Which of these is not a woodwind instrument: trumpet, flute or the nadhaswaram?

11. Of which dynasty, founded in the 18th Century, was Mir Qamar-ud-din Khan the first in lineage?

12. Which festival in Judaism recalls the deliverance of Jews from slavery in Egypt?

13. Which global organisation is behind the ‘Earth Hour’ observed on March 27?

14. Alphabetically, which is the first and last of the alkaline earth metals?

15. Raphanus sativus is the binomial name for which common vegetable?



1. The Olympic Games
2. Alter ego
3. Indus
4. Nintendo
5. Sherlock Holmes
6. Brazil
7. Quito
8. 20 pitches
9. Mumbai (formerly Bombay)
10. Trumpet
11. Asaf Jah
12. Passover
13. World Wide Fund for Nature
14. Barium and strontium respectively
15. Radish.

Cortesy: V V Ramanan, The Hindu

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1. Name the recently unveiled music file format, developed by some of the key figures behind the MP3 and intended to be a competitor to Apple’s iTunes LP.

2. One of the biggest hoaxes perpetrated on Wikipedia was in its Polish version, from November 2004 to February 2006, about a person named Izaak Apfelbaum. How was he better known?

3. Who was named the ‘Mobile Industry Personality of the Year’ at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona?

4. What was formerly known as the Integrated Media Player (iMP), Interactive Media Player and MyBBCPlayer?

5. What important technology does EMVCo oversee?

6. According to Harvard University researchers Tyler Moore and Benjamin Edelman, Google could be making some $497 million a year from which common Net ‘error’?

7. Cathie Lesjak is the CFO of which cyber giant?

8. Who has launched a video-streaming service simply called ‘Go’?

9. Who made this ‘criticism’ of the iPad: “You know, I’m a big believer in touch and digital reading, but I still think that some mixture of voice, the pen, and a real keyboard — in other words, a Netbook — will be the mainstream on that”?

10. Name the Vijayawada-born lady now serving as the CTO of Cisco.



1. MusicDNA.

2. Henryk Batuta.

3. Steve Jobs.

4. BBC iPlayer.

5. The technology behind chip-based payment cards.

6. Typosquatting

7. Hewlett-Packard

8. HBO

9. Bill Gates.

10. Padmasree Warrior.


Courtesy: V. V. Ramanan , Business Line

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Quiz Time


1. To celebrate which influential thinker’s birthday is January 12 i.e. today observed as ‘National Youth Day’ in India?

2. What distinction has the prodigy Magnus Carlsen achieved recently?

3. Which Asian country will host the inaugural Summer Youth Olympic Games in August 2010?

4. Fill in the blank: The United Nations has declared 2010 to be the ‘International Year of ______’

5. ‘Makara Sankranthi’ celebrates the transmigration of Sun from which ‘rashi’ (zodiac) to which Makara rashi?

6. What was the surname of the siblings Barry, Robin and Maurice who made up the popular band Bee Gees?

7. The State Peace and Development Council runs the affairs in which of India’s neighbours?

8. Joseph Nicephore Niepce is considered an inventor and a pioneer in which now common field of visual communication?

9. If Antananarivo was your Capital city, in which country are you in?

10. After which drug were the two Anglo-Chinese Wars fought in the 19th century named?

11. Aptenodytes forsteri is the scientific name of which big flightless bird?

12. Playing for which club did James Vaughan set the record for being the youngest scorer in the EPL at 16 years and 271 days?

13. Leveret is the young of a…?

14. What is the nationality of the popular actress Catherine Zeta Jones?

15. Which South American country is called ‘Corazon de America’ or ‘Heart of America’ because of its central location?


1. Swami Vivekananda
2. He has become the youngest ever chess player to be ranked world No.1
3. Singapore
4. Biodiversity
5. Dhanu
6. Gibb
7. Myanmar
8. Photography
9. Madagascar
10. Opium
11. Emperor penguin
12. Everton
13. Hare
14. She is Welsh
15. Paraguay


Courtesy: V V Ramanan, The Hindu

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Quiz Time



1. Released in July 2009, ‘The Accidental Billionaires’ by Ben Mezrich is about the founding of which popular Internet phenomenon?

2. In which state is the Maharana Pratap Sagar?

3. Who is the only player to have played and scored in every single season of the English Premier League since its inception?

4. Which unit of length, used mostly in sci-fi, is equal to just under 31 trillion kilometres or about 3.26 light-years?

5. In which Asian capital city was a statue of Barack Obama as a schoolboy unveiled recently?

6. On December 15, the world observed the 150th birthday of the inventor of Esperanto, a constructed language designed for international communication. Name him.

7. In which Indian city is Chowmahalla Palace?

8. What is the name of the dog in Jack London’s famous ‘The Call of the Wild’?

9. What is the stage name of Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski?

10. Who originally named the Hawaiian islands as ‘Sandwich Islands’?

11. What type of food item is ‘Gazpacho’?

12. Which letter of the Greek alphabet can also mean a very tiny amount?

13. In athletics, which is the longest track event where the competitors use a starting block?

14. Which reference book is commonly referred to as OED?

15. In which city was Princess Diana killed in an accident?


1. Facebook
2. Himachal Pradesh
3. Ryan Giggs of Manchester United
4. Parsec (parallax of one arcsecond)
5. Jakarta
6. L.L. Zamenhof
7. Hyderabad
8. Buck
9. Krusty the Clown in ‘The Simpsons’
10. Captain James Cook
11. A cold soup
12. Iota
13. 400m and the 400m hurdles
14. Oxford English Dictionary
15. Paris.

Courtesy: V V Ramanan, The Hindu

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Quiz Time


1. What was the nationality of Alfred Nobel?

2. Why is the date November 27, 1895 important in the history of the prizes?

3. As all know, Mahatma Gandhi never became a Laureate. But in which years was the great Indian nominated?

4. Why are the recipients officially called a Nobel Laureate and not a Nobel Prize Winner?

5. What is so special about the Laureates Dag Hammarskjöld and Erik Axel Karlfeldt?

6. How many organisations have received the Nobel Peace Prize and which among those has won it an unprecedented three times?

7. Name the only siblings to have got the prestigious prize, one in Economic sciences and the other in Medicine.

8. Elinor Ostrom, a 2009 Laureate, is the first woman to get this award. Name it.

9. In which Tamil Nadu town was Venkatraman Ramakrishnan born?

10. What is the contribution of Erik Lindberg, Gustav Vigeland and Gunvor Svensson-Lundqvist to the history of the Nobel Prizes?

11. What is the prize amount for 2009 per full Nobel Prize?

12. At which specific locations are the prizes given away?

13. If Barack Obama is the latest U.S. President to become a Nobel Laureate, who was the first?

14. How many Laureates can each category have in a year?

15. What ‘dubious’ first did Richard Kuhn, the 1938 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, achieve?


1.He was Swedish
2.On that date, Nobel signed his last will and testament giving the largest share of his fortune for the prizes that bear his name (barring Economic sciences)
3.Five (1937, 1938, 1939, 1947 and 1948)
4 .According to the Nobel Foundation, “the awarding of the Nobel Prizes is not a competition or lottery, and therefore there are no winners or losers”
5.They have been the only two posthumous recipients
6.20 individual organisations with the Comité International de la Croix Rouge (Red Cross) winning in 1917, 1944 and 1963
7.The Tinbergens, Jan and Nikolaas
8.Win the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences
10.They designed the various medals
11.Swedish kronor (SEK) 10 million
12.All prizes except the Peace Prize are given away at the Stockholm Concert Hall, while Peace Prize is presented on the same day at the Oslo City Hall
13.Theodore Roosevelt in 1906
14.Maximum of three
15.He was the first to decline the Prize.

Courtesy: V V Ramanan, The Hindu

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Quiz Time



1. Simple one to begin with. Who created Asterix and his world?

2. Name the magazine that brought the world of the Gauls to us way back in 1959.

3. In how many adventures have our heroes featured so far (including the new adventure released last week)?

4. Who are Astronomix and Vanilla?

5. Name the only two adventures not to have the name of Asterix in the title.

6. Which was the first album and which was the one the creators working on Goscinny passed away in 1977?

7. Name the translators who have done a fantastic job of bringing the adventures alive complete with ‘punny’ jokes to millions of English readers.

8. ‘Asterix and the Banquet’ gave us, depending on the translation, Ideefix, Kutta Bhaunkix or Snupix. How do we better know this integral character?

9. Why can’t Obelix have magic potion when the rest of the villagers can take it?

10. In the context of English versions of the books, what is so special about the plate on Page 35 of the first adventure?

11. Name all the three live-action films made on the adventures of our friends.

12. Over the last 50 years, many a memorable name has been part of the series. So in which book do we meet: (i): Ptenisnet, (ii): Anticlimax, (iii): Cassius Ceramix?

13. Our heroes have also made a visit to our country. In which adventure?

14. What can one visit at Plailly, about 35 km north of Paris, in the département of Oise?

15. Which was the first adventure to be written and drawn by Albert Uderzo alone?



1. Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo
2. ‘Pilote’
3. Thirty four translated into 107 languages or dialects
4. The father of Asterix and mother of Obelix
5. ‘The Mansions of the Gods’ and ‘Obelix & Co’
6. ‘Asterix the Gaul’ and ‘Asterix in Belgium’
7. Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge
8. Dogmatix
9. Because of falling into a cauldron of the potion as a kid
10. It was redrawn by Albert Uderzo’s brother Marcel in 1970 because the original was lost
11. ‘Asterix and Obelix take on Caesar’, ‘Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra’ and ‘Asterix at the Olympic Games’
12. (i): ‘Asterix the Gladiator’, (ii): ‘Asterix in Britain’, (iii): ‘Asterix and the Big Fight’
13. ‘Asterix and the Magic Carpet’
14. Parc Asterix
15. ‘Asterix and the Great Divide’

Courtesy: V V Ramanan, The Hindu

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Quiz Time



1. On this date in 1884, reckoning of time was standardised in a way. How?

2. Name the great Australian swimmer nicknamed ‘Thorpedo’ born on this date in 1982.

3. Apart from India, which two other Asian Annex 2 States are yet to sign and ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty?

4. Generally which part of the body is affected by lumbago?

5. Who has been India’s longest-serving Prime Minister?

6. United Plankton Pictures Inc. produces which popular cartoon series on Nick?

7. Why did Barbie and Ken split up in 2004?

8. Who wrote The Old Curiosity Shop?

9. Whose horse was Shadowfax?

10. Expand ISDN as used in computing.

11. In which decade of the 20th Century did the Titanic sink?

12. How many pairs of ribs among three normal humans?

13. How does one commonly refer to the Italian cookie ‘savoiardi’?

14. What are ‘carcinogens’?

15. Name the parents of Zeus.


1. Greenwich was established as the universal time meridian of longitude
2. Ian Thorpe
3. North Korea and Pakistan
4. Back
5. Jawaharlal Nehru
6. SpongeBob SquarePants
7. To spend ‘quality time’ away from each other
8. Charles Dickens
9. Gandalf
10. Integrated Services Digital Network
11. Second (1912)
12. 36
13. Lady finger biscuits
14. An agent that causes cancer or in the increase of its propagation
15. Cronus and Rhea.


Courtesy: V V Ramanan, The Hindu

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1. What is Microsoft’s proposed booklet-shaped, dual-screen tablet-like-device called?

2. What is Intel’s first discrete or standalone graphics processor in about 10 years called?

3. Elisa Steele is the Chief Marketing Officer of which cyber-giant?

4. Which processor was codenamed ‘Waternoose’ by IBM and ‘XCPU’ by Microsoft?

5. Which popular Google software application was originally created by Idealab?

6. MINIX is a portmanteau word made from which two words?

7. Name the new mapping platform for the indoor world, which according to the maker is “in a sense Google Maps inside a building.”

8. Which of its co-founders is the CTO of YouTube?

9. The highest ranked computer company at No. 2 in Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands 2009’ report is …?

10. Which very popular portal was launched by Dr Simon King, a British researcher, at the University of Minnesota in 1993?


1. Courier

2. Larrabee

3. Yahoo!

4. Xenon, used in Xbox 360.

5. Picasa

6. Minimal and Unix

7. Micello

8. Steven Chen

9. IBM. Microsoft is 3rd and Google 7th.

10. Cricinfo


Courtesy: V V Ramanan, Business Line

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