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Cyber Quiz




1. Which telecommunications giant has picked up the wireless assets of bankrupt Nortel Networks for $1.13 billion?

2. In the context of 4G wireless technology, expand LTE.

3. In the context of Google, what is commonly called ‘Omaha’?

4. According to YouTube watchers, what is the number of YouTube video views per day: 403 million, 817 million or 1.2 billion?

5. Which cyber-giant has agreed to acquire the popular Xoopit?

6. Who has announced two open-source initiatives — Open Source Media Framework (to create sophisticated media players to run flash presentations) and Text Layout Framework (to help developers add advanced typography and font layouts to flash apps)?

7. Scott Thompson is the CEO of…?

8. Which browser-maker’s proprietary Web server service is called Unite?

9. What is the significance of the San Francisco Metreon mall in the Microsoft timeline?

10. Which online vendor’s shoe and handbag retail site is called


1. Ericsson

2. Long Term Evolution.

3. Google Update, the software installer and auto-updater for Windows.

4. 1.2 billion!

5. Yahoo!

6. Adobe

7. PayPal

8. Opera

9. It had the only Microsoft retail outlet to date, which closed in November 2001.

10. Amazon

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Courtesy: V V Ramanan, Business Line

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Quiz Time


1. In which U.S. city was President Barack Obama, celebrating his birthday on this date, born in 1961?

2. What has India’s first indigenously built nuclear-powered submarine been christened?

3. After which mythical bird is the most recent spacecraft to land successfully on Mars named?

4. The famous romantic poet who addressed the skylark as ‘Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!’ was born on this day. Name him/her.

5. Which planet was subjected to a vast cosmic collision that left a dark scar the size of the Earth on its surface recently?

6. Which Central Asian nation, in an ambitious plan to help plant life bloom and attract migratory birds, channelling water to a 770 square miles man-made lake in the Karakum Desert?

7. What do the initials C.S. stand for in C.S. Lewis?

8. What famous online site did Jeff Bezos found?

Photo : AFP

Happy Birthday : In which city was he born?

9. In the Donkey Kong series of video games, name the villain shaped like an obese anthropomorphic crocodilian.

10. In the context of cattle, what are rumen and omasum?

11. What weapon does the human in the Oscar statuette hold?

12. In air force slang, what is a ‘laundry bag’?

13. What is the first name of the literary butler Jeeves?

14. In which famous cricket ground would bowlers bowl from the Members End and Great Southern Stand End?


1. Honolulu
2. INS Arihant
3. Phoenix
4. Percy Bysshe Shelley
5. Jupiter
6. Turkmenistan
7. Clive Staples
9. King K. Rool
10. Two of the four compartments of the stomach
11. Sword
12. Parachute
13. Reginald
14. The Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Courtesy: V V Ramanan, The Hindu

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Quiz Time


1. Of the 10 common ecosystems called biomes, which is the coldest?

2. On this date in 1985, an Air India aircraft that was blown up in midair by a bomb killing 329 people. After which Indian king was it christened?

3. What did the initials in the name of the former President of India V.V. Giri stand for?

4. In geology, what is a ‘longshore drift’?

5. At what temperature is water said to boil on the top of Mt. Everest?

6. In the context of film awards, expand IIFA.

7. What colour does Phenolphthalein turn in basic solutions?

8. Which famous Indian city lies on Salsette Island?

Photo: Rajeev Bhatt

IIFA : Brand Ambassador Amitabh Bachchan.

9. Who was Leander Paes’s partner when he won the French Open men’s doubles title recently?

10. In Gulliver’s Travels, what is the Capital of Laputa?

11. What is the collective noun for a group of apes?

12. In which century did Dr. Edward Jenner invent the vaccine against smallpox?

13. Name the ‘grim’ brother of Zeus and Poseidon who was the ruler of the Greek Underworld.

Photo : AFP

“Winningest coach” : Won his 10th title. 14. In an opera, the songs by the soloists are called..?

15. Who recently became the ‘winningest’ coach in NBA finals history with his 10th title?


1. Tundra or polar biome
2. Emperor Kanishka
3. Varahagiri Venkata
4. Process by which sediments such as sand move along a beach shore
5. Around 68-70 degrees Celsius
6. International Indian Film Academy
7. Pink to fuchsia
8. Mumbai/Bombay
9. Lukas Dlouhy
10. Lagado
11. Shrewdness
12. 18th Century
13. Hades
14. Arias (Italian for “air”)
15. Phil Jackson.

Courtesy: V.V. RAMANAN, The Hindu

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Quiz Time



1. Who became the world’s youngest monarch on November 6?

2. If it is Laura for George W. Bush, who is it for George H. W. Bush?

3. Which is the largest living species of lizard, growing to an average length of two to three metres?

4. Which eminent sportsman is the boyfriend of Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of the American girl band Pussycat Dolls?

5. Vermilion a shade of which common colour?

6. The Spanish for ‘little war’ has given us which English word?

7. In a castle, what is a ‘portcullis’?

8. Anna Mae Bullock is better known as…?

9. Who has portrayed ‘M’ in James Bond films since the mid-1990s?

10. To which Order do frogs belong?

11. According to hit song ‘Hotel California’, “…you can check-out any time you like but ________”?

12. In the Bible who was thrown to the lions because he prayed to God?

13. In Harry Potter, which horcrux was destroyed by Fiendfyre?

14. Ablutophobia is the fear of which normal sanitary activity?

15. After which ruler is the present seventh month of the year named?


1. Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan; 2. Barbara

3. Komodo dragon; 4. Lewis Hamilton; 5. Red; 6. Guerilla;

7. A latticed grille or gate made of wood; 8. Tina Turner

9. Dame Judi Dench; 10. Anura; 11. “…you can never leave”

12. Daniel; 13. Ravenclaw’s diadem; 14. Cleaning or washing

15. Julius Caesar

Courtesy: Young World, The Hindu (18/11/2008)

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Quiz Time


1. Which festival is said to observe Rama’s return to Ayodhya and Krishna’s killing of Narakasura?

2. On which day are celebrations held to mark Uttarayana i.e. the transition of Sun into Capricorn on its celestial path?

3. Rongali, Kongali and Bhogali are three types of which Assamese festival?

4. On which day does the Durga Puja begin and when does it end?

5. Which spiritual leader and a religion founder’s birthday is observed on the full moon night in the month of Vaisakha?

6. At the end of October, Nanded will see the tercentenary celebrations of which two important events in the Sikh faith?

7. What celebrations mark the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting?

8. Why do married women observe “Karva Chauth”?

9. What is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month in the lunar year in the Chinese calendar?

10. In Kerala, which mythical king is said to visit his subjects on Thiruvonam day?

11. Which festival for brothers and sister traditionally falls on the on the second day after Diwali?

12. Whose idols are carried in ceremonial procession during the famous ‘Rath Yatra’ in Orissa.

13. What is ‘Navroze’?

14. Which incident from the Mahabharata forms the basis for the Tarnetar Fair in Gujarat?

15. Alanganallur in Tamil Nadu is the most famous town for what activity that takes place during Pongal?


1. Deepavali or Diwali;
2. Makara Sankranthi
3. Bihu;
4. It starts on ‘Maha shashti and ends on ‘Bijoya dashami’ of the Hindu month of Ashvin or Ashwayuja
5. Gautama Buddha;
6. The consecration of the Guru Granth Sahib as the eternal Guru (Gurta Gaddi) and the ‘Parlok gaman’ of Guru Gobind Singh;
7. Eid ul-Fitr or Id-ul-Fitr
8. To ensure wedded bliss and long life for their husbands and children;
9. ‘Lantern festival’;
10. Mahabali
11. Bhai-Dhuj;
12. Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra
13. It is the Parsi new year;
14. The marriage of Draupadi and Arjuna;
15. ‘Jallikattu’

Courtesy: V.V.Ramanan, Young World, The Hindu

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Young World Quiz


1. Nobel Prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr was born on this date in 1885. What was his nationality?

2. Which popular TV series, soon to begin its eighth season, was developed by writer/producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar?

3. If you are a ‘horologist’, what would you be studying?

4. The LHC is in the news for sometime now as it attempts to re-create the conditions just after the Big Bang, Expand LHC.

5. The famous Hoover Dam is on the border of which two U.S. States?

6. Traditionally, what is the maximum number of pullers allowed in a tug-o-war team?

7. Where on a horse would one see a ‘dock’?

8. Which element is also called brimstone?

9. Which Shakespearean character is also called Hobgoblin or Robin Goodfellow?

10. If your parents were celebrating the tin wedding anniversary, how many years would they have been married for?

11. Complete this proverb: ‘No one but the wearer knows…

12. Sukarno was the first President of which Asian country?

13. How many women were there in Noah’s Ark?

14. By what vitamin letter and number is riboflavin also called?

15. Samuel Colt is famous for popularising a type of which weapon?


1. He was Danish

2. Smallville; 3. Time

4. Large Hadron Collider

5. Nevada and Arizona

6. Eight; 7. Its tail

8. Sulphur; 9. Puck

10. 10

11. … where the shoe pinches’

12. Indonesia

13. Four; 14. B2

15. The revolver

Courtesy: The Hindu

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Quiz Time



1. Which is the longest chapter in the Bible with 176 verses?

2. What do the English call the game that the Greeks call Podosfero?

3. Which electronics giant has the tagline: “”?

4. Scyld Berry is the editor of which famous annual publication on a particular sport?

5. Which famous Indian singer’s recording company is called ‘Tharangini’?

6. Which wonder of the world is reckoned by many civil engineers to weigh 6,648,000 tons?

7. Which allotrope was once called ‘plumbago’ for its ability to make a smooth black mark on paper like lead?

8. Alphabetically, who would be the first of the seven Chiranjeevis in Indian mythology?

9. In misram, how many pulses to a beat?

10. ‘With time to spare’ is the autobiography of which stylish left-handed batsman from England?

11. Why doesn’t Obelix get a share of magic potion when others have it?

12. Which of Beethoven’s symphony is called ‘Choral’?

13. How did the plane Bockscar (or Bock’s Car) become notorious in August 1945?

14. Which football team is nicknamed ‘Blades’ because of the famous steel industry in that area?

15. In Harry Potter adventures, which password opens the secret passage to the basement of Honeydukes candy store in Hogsmeade?



1. Psalm 119; 2. Football

3. Sony; 4. Wisden Almanac

5. K.J. Yesudas

6. Great Pyramid of Egypt

7. Graphite; 8. Ashwathama

9. Seven; 10. David Gower

11. He fell into a cauldron of it

and it had a permanent effect

on him; 12. Symphony

No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125;

13. It dropped the bomb

on Nagasaki; 14. Sheffield

United; 15. Dissendium

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Cyber Quiz




1. Roy Bostock is the chairman of…?

2. Name the world’s largest independent manufacturer of motherboard chipsets behind the new ‘Isaiah’ processor.

3. Which is the only Asian language amongst the 10 new languages added to Google Translate last fortnight?

4. Which big portal has teamed up with three subsidiaries of advertising giant WPP i.e. GroupM, 24/7 Real Media and WPP Digital?

5. What did Max Levchin and Peter Thiel co-found?

6. Which big online player’s first avatar was called Quantum Computer Services?

7. Which Nasdaq-100 company’s ticker symbol is CTSH?

8. Which industry leader in the personal peripheral market has its HQ in Romanel-sur-Morges, Switzerland?

9. Don Carty is the CFO of….?

10. Name the NSA supercomputer in Dan Brown’s ‘Digital Fortress’.




1. Yahoo! Inc.

2. Via Technologies.

3. Hindi

4. Yahoo!

5. PayPal

6. AOL

7. Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation.

8. Logitech

9. Dell


Courtesy :V.V.Ramanan, Business Line

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Cyber Quiz


1. Which project, aimed at a freely available and redistributable UNIX-like operating system, was founded by Chris Demetriou, Theo de Raadt, Adam Glass and Charles M. Hannum?

2. In GUI lingo, which ‘musical instrument’ means an expanded view (by window or thumbnail) of a selected item inside of a list of items?

3. What is ‘Google I/O’?

4. According to a survey by desktop Linux advocate Novell, which application is the top non-Linux application that Linux users would like to have?

5. Name Yahoo’s first site targeting a specific audience and not just a topic, which was launched on March 30.

6. Expand WYCIWYG.

7. Name the veteran Hollywood producer and talent manager with whom Microsoft has entered into an agreement to produce shows for use on the Xbox 360 system.

8. Eurhythmics’ Dave Stewart is a founding member of which telecom’ giant’s ‘Artist Advisory Council’, an initiative created to foster an artist-friendly environment within the company.

9. What was officially dissolved as of March 28, 2008, and the Web site closed accordingly?

10. Name the ‘leading corporate backer of the Wine Project’ with the mission ‘to transform Mac OS X and Linux into Windows-compatible operating systems’.


1. NetBSD Project.

2. Accordion

3. It is ‘a two-day developer event focused on both Google developer products as well as other open initiatives for the web’. It is scheduled to be held at San Fransisco on May 28 and 29.

4. Adobe PhotoShop.

5. ‘Shine’, a Web site aimed at women (

6. ‘What You Cache Is What You Get’. It is a URI scheme specific to the Mozilla family of web browsers.

7. Peter Safran.

8. Nokia

9. HD DVD Promotional Group.

10. CodeWeavers.

Courtesy: V.V.Ramanan, Business line

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Young World Quiz (April 15, 2008)


1. In the world of animated TV series, how is Herschel Krustofski better known?

2. Name the most famous Italian Renaissance polymath – scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor – born on this date in 1452.

3. The birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism, is.?

4. Which recurring character does Thomas Andrew Felton play in the Harry Potter movies?

5. What is `biosonar’?

6. In a famous poem of his, what did William Wordsworth refer to as: “Continuous as the stars that shine and twinkle on the Milky Way.”

7. What would one do with a `cummerbund’?

8. In the Mahabharata, who was the sister of Shalya?

9. Which is the most abundant mineral in the Earth’s continental crust?

10. If one was flying the `Fighting Falcon’ the aircraft would be an F-14, F-16 or F-18?

11. Which luxury car maker, founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company, is now part of Tata Motors?

12. Which Royal and minister is the Congress MP from Guna?

13. The longest and largest nerve in the human body is the…?

14. In its normal natural surroundings, why would a polar bear never attack a penguin from behind?

15. What is the biggest contribution of Kirkpatrick Macmillan to the world of locomotion?


1. Krusty the Clown (of The Simpsons fame)
2. Leonardo da Vinci
3. Nankana Sahib
4. Draco Malfoy
5. The biological sound navigating system used by animals like bats to locate objects
6. A host of golden daffodils
7. Wear it. It’s a broad waist sash often worn with single-breasted dinner jackets
8. Madri, the mother of Nakula and Sahadeva
9. Quartz
10. F-16
11. Jaguar Cars Limited
12. Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia
13. Sciatic
14. Polar bears live north of equator while all but one species of penguin live south of equator
15. The bicycle.

Courtesy:V.V.Ramanan,The Hindu

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