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Young World Quiz (February 15, 2008)



1. Which famous website, now an integral part of a Netizen’s life, was inaugurated on this date in 2005?

2. What term is used for a robot that looks and acts like a human?

3. Of the eight planets in our Solar System, which are the third and fifth largest?

4. Expand ENIAC, the first general-purpose electronic computer, unveiled in 1946.

5. Which famous Greek philosopher was put to death by using the poison hemlock?

6. Fill in the blank: Charles Darwin began developing his theory of evolution while travelling on a ship named….?

7. What are kyats, kina or the kwacha types of?

8. What sobriquet for Helen of Troy comes from Christopher Marlowe’s Faustus?

9. In fiction, name the hero of H. Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines?

10. In geography, the strait that separates mainland South America from Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego is named after…?

11. What is the botanical name for the ‘stinking corpse lily’, arguably the largest flower in the world?

12. Who did the ancient wonder “Colossus of Rhodes” set to represent?

13. When a horse is moving with its legs advancing in diagonal pairs, it is said to be…?

14. Fill in the blank: Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia are called the three ______?

15. In Puss in Boots, what special function did the boots have for the feline?

2. Android
3. Uranus and Earth
4. Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
5. Socrates
6. The Beagle
7. Currencies
8. ‘…face that launched a thousand ships’
9. Allan Quatermain
10. Ferdinand Magellan
11. Rafflesia arnoldii
12. Helios the Sun god
13. Trotting
14. Graces
15. Nothing as such. Its reason for wearing it so that it ‘may scamper through the dirt and the brambles’.

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Young World Quiz (February 08, 2008)


1. Name the author of such classics like Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Around the World in Eighty Days celebrating his birthday on February 8.

2. Name the spell used by Harry Potter on the Inferi in …Half-Blood Prince to tie up with ropes.

3. In the first Indian cabinet, if Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister, who was the Deputy Prime Minister?

4. Who was the Nizam of Hyderabad when it became part of India in 1948?

5. Bertha von Suttner was the second woman, in 1905, to win which famous award?

6. In the NBA, if the Bobcats were playing the Bucks, then which two cities’ teams are on show?

7. Which nation’s URL extension would be .bz?

8. Which supervillain, in a 1992 landmark event, apparently killed Superman?

9. Who took the last wicket to fall in the 2006-7 Ashes series, which was also his last Test wicket?

10. What is a male fox called?

11. In which mythology is the battle at the end of the world called ‘Ragnarok’?

12. For what purpose is an Archimedes Screw used?

13. According to a famous poem, which town is in Brunswick by the famous Hanover City?

14. Which solar month follows Vaisakha in the Indian religious calendar?

15. In which video game would one find “Bowser’s Castle”?


1. Jules Verne

2. Incarcerous

3. Sardar Vallabhai Patel

4. Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan

Asaf Jah VII

5. Nobel Prize

6. Charlotte and Milwaukee

7. Belize

8. Doomsday

9. Glenn McGrath

10. Dog; 11. Norse

12. Raising water

13. Hamelin

14. Jyestha

15.Super Mario series

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Young World Quiz (February 01, 2008)



1. Which eminent sportsperson has launched the ‘Fist Pump Challenge’, an online contest designed to help youngsters identify and share their greatest achievements?

2. Which tragic event in the annals of space history occurred on this date in 2003?

3. Which loveable character owns Pilchard the cat?

4. Which country has a currency named in honour of the Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa?

5. Which is the last two-digit Prime Number?

6. For which team does Andrew Symonds play in the Australian domestic cricket setup?

7. What is the real name of, an original member of ‘The Black Eyed Peas’?

8. Which Order contains more described species than in any other order in the animal kingdom?

9. In fiction, the progeny of Marisa Coulter and Lord Asriel is..?

10. What is the nationality of tennis star David Nalbandian?

11. What does the shortest verse in the Bible, which appears in John 11:35, say?

12. What is the internal angle in a regular heptagon?

13. The term ‘olfactory’ refers to which of the five senses?

14. Name the comeback single that Britney Spears’ sang to kickoff MTV’s 2007 Video Music Awards in Las Vegas?

15. How tall would a horse be if it measured 10 hands?



1. Tiger Woods.
2. Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated, killing all seven astronauts aboard.
3. Bob the Builder.
4. Panama.
5. 97.
6. Queensland Bulls.
7. Allan Pineda Lindo.
8. Coleoptera.
9. Lyra Belacqua (of `The Golden Compass’ or `Northern Lights’ fame).
10. Argentinean
11. “Jesus wept”
12. 128.571 degrees.
13. Smell.
14.”Gimme More”.
15. One metre or 100 cms.

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Young World Quiz (January 18, 2008)


Two on the field: Bucknor was one…


1. With whom is the ‘The Ninety-Five Theses on the Power of Indulgences’ associated?

2. How has the character Iofur Raknison been renamed in the movie adaptation of “The Golden Compass”?

3. Which astronomical phenomenon’s name means “sun stands still”?

4. Which year would connect cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma and the author George Orwell?

5. In the Disney classic, what type of an animal was Bambi?

6. Name the present Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

7. Which part of the human anatomy has an alternative five-lettered name that sounds like a punctuation symbol?

8. Georgian is a shade of which colour?

9. In the Bible, who cut off Samson’s hair?

10. Which is the second biggest island after Greenland (and excluding the Australian mainland)?

11. Which bird is the symbol of peace in Japan?

12. In Harry Potter, name the drill company of which Vernon Dursley a director.

13. In snooker, what is the total points value of all the coloured balls on the baize (excluding the cue ball)?

14. Who was the other on-field umpire, apart from Steve Bucknor, in the recent Sydney Test?

15. According to the nursery rhyme, where did the old lady with too many children live?


1. Martin Luther, the German monk and church reformer

2. Ragnar Sturlusson;

3. Solstice

4. 1984. Sharma went to space that year and Orwell wrote a book ‘1984’; 5. A deer

6. Gordon Brown; 7. Colon

8. Green; 9. Delilah

10. New Guinea; 11. Crane

12. Grunnings; 13. 42

14. Mark Benson;

15. In a shoe

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Young World Quiz (Jan.11,2008)


1. Who was the first woman elected to lead a Muslim state?

2. Name the eminent Indian cricketer, the inaugural winner of the ‘Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy’, who celebrates his birthday today.

3. Which country joined the ‘Eurozone’ by adopting the common currency in 2007?

4. How is the comic book character Tony Stark better known as?

5. Which dance’s name comes from the Spanish word for sauce?

6. Where on the body would one sport a ‘pince-nez’?

7. From which western Indian State does the indigenous dog breed ‘Kaikadi’ come?

8. What is John Grisham’s latest short novel, about an American footballer, called?

9. Carrie Fisher was known for playing a character in the Star Wars series of films. Name it.

10. Does ‘Bright’s Disease’ affect the kidney, liver or pancreas?

11. The leveret is the young one of a __________.

12. What is the normal colour of Bart Simpson’s shorts?

13. In the Disney classic, what was the name of Dumbo’s mouse friend?

14. In which city was the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic built?

15. Which four-lettered word describes the liquid that remains after milk has been curdled and strained?


1. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto

2. Rahul Dravid; 3. Slovenia

4. Iron Man; 5. Salsa

6. On the bridge of the nose

7. Maharashtra

8. ‘Playing for Pizza’

9. Princess Leia Organa

10. Kidneys

11. Hare

12. Blue

13. Timothy

14. Belfast

15. Whey

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Author of the week

 P. Sainath

Palagummi Sainath, the rural affairs editor of The Hindu, has been awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2007, in the “Journalism, Literature, and Creative Communication Arts” category for “his passionate commitment as a journalist to restore the rural poor to India’s national consciousness.”

Sainath becomes the sixth Indian journalist to win the Award named after the third president of the Philippines, which is also considered the Nobel Prize of Asia.

“Sainath’s authoritative reporting led Indian authorities to address certain discrete abuses and to enhance relief efforts,” reads the citation. “Sainath discovered that the acute misery of India’s poorest districts was not caused by drought, as the government said. It was rooted in India’s enduring structural inequalities—in poverty, illiteracy, and caste discrimination—and exacerbated by recent economic reforms favouring foreign investment and privatisation.”

Sainath, grandson of the late Indian President V.V. Giri, was born in Madras in 1957, worked at Blitz under Rusi Karanjia, earned a Times of India fellowship which ironically helped him turned out the bestselling Everybody loves a good drought, and eventually landed him at The Hindu where he has made it his life’s mission to bring to light the plight of the marginalised and the sidelined.

“In the early twentieth century, the press was at the heart of India’s freedom struggle. During those formative years, journalism contributed to “the liberation of the human being.” In contrast, he says, India’s press today merely performs “stenography” for big business and the governing elite India’s press today is “creating audiences that have no interest in other human beings.”

Read the citation here: Palagummi Sainath

Read a fine essay here: Lost the compass?

Photograph courtesy: Sadanand Menon

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