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World Book Day

World Book and Copyright Day 2012

The World Book Day celebration at Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom was inaugurated by Malayalam poet and lyricist Ezhachery Ramachandran. He spoke about the importance of active reading which enables one to know more about his culture and society. He also inaugurated the Reader’s Club activities of the school for the new session.

The day was celebrated by the Library Media Centre at KV Pattom with a variety of activities. Storytelling, book review writing and literary quiz competitions were held and the prizes to the winners were distributed at the function. A three day exhibition and sale of books was also organized in collaboration with Scholastic Publishing Co., in the school.

The meeting was chaired by C.P.Kumaran, Principal and attended by S.L.Faisal and B. Surendran, Librarians.

WBD Ezhachey 3

Shri Ezhachery  Ramachandran, poet inaugurating the celebrations on 25 April 2012

Shri C.P. Kumaran, Principal, S.L.Faisal, B surendran, Librarians are also seen.

WBD Ezhachery

WBD Ezhachery2
















World Book and Copyright Day 2010

The Library Media Centre at Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom celebrated the World Book and Copyright Day 2010 with competitions, exhibition and an author meet from 22 to 24 April. There were bookmark designing and book review writing competitions and an exhibition of books written by William Shakespeare, whose birth and death day falls on 23 April, which was declared as World Book and Copyright Day by UNESCO in 1995.

In the author meet held on 24 April, Dr. Vilakkudy Rajendran, Malayalam writer and former Editor and Assistant Director of Kerala Bhasha institute interacted with the students on books, reading, copyright and libraries. He asserted the importance of books in one’s life and asked the students to become the guardians of own launguage. The activities of Reader’s Club for the year 2010-’11 were also formally inaugurated by Mr. Rajendran. He distributed the prizes to the competition winners.

The function was falicitated by B.N.Mishra, Vice Principal, V.Joseph, Head Master and Dr. K J Ajith Kumar, Vice Chairman, PTA of the vidyalaya.

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For Beautiful prize winning bookmarks

List of prize winners

News on the New Indian Express Daily

World Book and Copyright Day 2009



  • Exhibition of Popular Books from April 22-28 in the Library
  • Bookmark designing competition on 22 April 2008, Venue:The library
  • Literary Quiz competition on 23 April 2008
  • Meet the Author: 28 April 2009

Exhibition of Popular Books(22-28 April)

exh2 [Desktop Resolution] exhobi1 [Desktop Resolution]


Bookmark Designing Competition(22 April)

bm1 bkmark3 [Desktop Resolution]

bkmark4 [Desktop Resolution] bkmark5 [Desktop Resolution]

bkmark6 [Desktop Resolution] bm1 [Desktop Resolution]

Prize winning Bookmarks

Scan0001 [Desktop Resolution] Scan0005 [Desktop Resolution]

Scan0006 [Desktop Resolution] Scan0007 [Desktop Resolution]

Scan0008 [Desktop Resolution]

For Results: see the Winners of the Library competitions category.


Meet The Author (28/04/2009)

Famous Malayalam writer Dr. D. Vinayachandran interacted with the students in the ‘Meet the Author’ session.

He talked about exploring new horizons other than the conventional  learning paths and  reading and books.

Recitation of own poems by the poet was a memorable experience to the audience.

The prizes of various competitions held were also gave away by the Chief Guest.


Dr. Cicy Roy Mathew, Principal, welcomes the Chief Guest


The poet Dr. D. Vinayachandran speaks









Dr. D. Vinayachandran presents own poems.




Prize distribution


Falicitation: Shri. KBK Unnithan, Vice Principal, Shift II


Falicitation: Shri. M. K. Mishra, Vice Principal, Shift I


Know more about WBCD


World Book and Copyright Day 2009

Resolution of the TWENTY-EIGHTH SESSION OF THE GENERAL CONFERENCE OF UNESCO, (Paris, 25 October-16 November 1995): Proclamation of 23 April ‘World Book and Copyright Day


3.18 Proclamation of 23 April ‘World Book and Copyright Day’

Resolution adopted at the twenty-second plenary meeting, on 15 November 1995
The General Conference,
Considering that historically books have been the most powerful factor in the dissemination of knowledge and the most effective means of preserving it,
Considering consequently that all moves to promote their dissemination will serve not only greatly to enlighten all those who have access to them, but also to develop fuller collective awareness of cultural traditions throughout the world and to inspire behaviour based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue,
Considering that one of the potentially most effective ways to promote and to disseminate books – as shown by the experience of several UNESCO Member States – is the establishment of a ‘Book Day’ and the organization of events such as book fairs and exhibitions on the same day,
Noting furthermore that this idea has not yet been adopted at international level,
Adopts the above-mentioned idea and proclaims 23 April of every year ‘World Book and Copyright Day’, as it was on that date in 1616 that Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died.

For the 2009 edition of the Day, UNESCO suggests to explore the topic of the paramount function of books for the development of quality education, as well as the link between publishing and human rights.

The message of the Director-General, the poster and information on the activities of the Day will be available soon.The World Book and Copyright Day Day was celebrated in the UK in Ireland earlier this month, on Thursday 5 March and around 13 million book tokens were distributed in schools and pre-schools in the UK to promote reading.

Events in preparation for April 23rd :

A series of events wille take place on 23rd April at UNESCO Headquarters. A “big read”, a round table on literate environments and the official launching of the Beirut World Book Capital City 2009, are included in the program of Day. Contact:

WBCD poster exhibition at the Medical School of the Seoul National University. Contact:

A special edition of Mauritius Library Information Blog will be published for 23rd of April :

The State Library of Victoria (Australia) is launching a major new exhibition called The Independent Type: Books and Writing in Victoria on Thursday 23rd April 2009 to celebrate Melbourne’s new status as a UNESCO City of Literature. The exhibition will explore the history of writing in the state of Victoria from pre-contact times until the present day. Information available at in April 2009.

The National Library of Luxembourg organizes the World Book and Copyright Day at Grand Duché of Luxembourg from 23rd to 25th April 2009. Program and information available at

The Coalición de Libreros (Booksellers Association) of Mexico organizes a series of event from 16 to 26 April at the Explanada de la Presidencia Municipal, in Tacamac. The main event is a reading marathon taking place on 23 April.

Melbourne Conversations is launching a public meeting with the philosopher and writer Alain De Botton. The event will be held on Thursday 23rd Avril, at 6.30 PM at RMIT Stoney Hall Auditorium, Melbourne, Australie. Reservations and information:

The National Commission of Andorra for UNESCO organizes a public reading on Thursday 23rd April.The event will take place at Andorra la Vella village’s square.More information:

The WBCC programme of the Nigeria National Committee on Read Campaign includes the following activities: reading competition for school pupils; celebrity reading in mother language; art and book exhibition. Contact:

The Steering Copyright Committee of Colombia organizes three international seminaries from 20th to 24th April in Bogotá and Medellín.The three seminaries focus on copyright, cultural industries and audiovisual sector.Information:

On the 23rd of April, the association of editors and bookstores in Bosnia-Herzegovina organises several events dedicated to the World Book and Copyright Day in the context of the 21st Sarajevo International Book Fair which will be held from the 22th to 27th April 2009.

The Pakistan Library Council organises a walk from Press Club to Arts Council in Karachi on the 25th April 2009 for celebrating the World Book and Copyright Day. More information: The Children’s Art Institute of Toronto celebrates the IV centenary of the first publication of “Comentarios Reales” ( Royal Commentaries) of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. This event will be held on 23 April 2009 at the University of Toronto at 7.00 p.m. Information:

teresa.chavezsuarez@utoronto.caThe Association France – Catalan Mediterranean Countries organizes an event entitled “The Caravan Catalan” inclduing a number of economic and cultural activities to strengthen the links between Algeria and the Mediterranean countries. The second stage of this event will be held from April 22 to 24 among Spain, Algeria and Tunisia, at the framework of World Book and Copyright Day ( traditionally called “The Book and Rose Day” in Catalonia). Information:

The Café Iruña y La Granja in Bilbao ( Basque country, Spain) takes part in the celebration of the World Book and Copyright Day on Thursday 23rd of April by offering a book to all its customers. Information:

The Alma Library of India organizes an exhibition on the “Copyright Awareness Campaign” . Information:

The Catalan Institute of America held an event at the Barnes & Noble’s store at the Lincoln Triangle in New York on Sunday April 19th to celebrate the World Book and Copyright Day and the tradition of Sant Jordi, with the participation of UNESCO.

The Korean Publishers Society (KOPUS) organizes a series of events from 20 to 30 April, including flowers, books and poster donations, as well as the brodcast of a documentary film on books and reading on the Korean Broadcasting System. Contact:;

3 Responses

  1. Vasanth says:

    Great work.
    Example to other schools.
    I would like to follow the similar step hopefully in the future.
    keep it up.


  2. Ms. Sarita Tejwani says:

    Inspiring work. It supports diverse group of learner.
    You have set an example for all teachers.


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